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The cheapest ways students can legally watch movies and TV online without huge expenses. Watch the best movies with one of the cheapest streaming services.

Cheapest Ways Students Can Legally Watch Movies and TV Online

Some studies have demonstrated that a lot of homework can be a source of stress and anxiety in students. Fortunately, students can use the service of a professional writer. For instance, offers help with homework and assignments. It is very simple. You pay a fee and a professional writer does your homework for you.

Such services are very practical. Moreover, students get some free time when they order papers with such a company. What can a student do with this free time? Anything! Some may choose to visit their relatives whereas others would pursue a hobby. Some others would prefer to stay at home and watch a good film.

Free Streaming Services Are Not the Best Option

If you want to spend an evening or weekend watching media content, you have several options. Cable TV is already obsolete though. So, you can stream some movies and/or TV shows. In most cases, you must buy a subscription to have access to the content of the service provider.

However, many students prefer to look for free options. They use Google to find some free streaming websites. It is understandable. Money is an issue for most students. However, using free streaming services can be counterproductive. Honestly, you are better off staying away from them.

Sites like Putlocker and CouchTuner, for example, are major distributors of pirated media content. They cause great economic damage to the entertainment industry. Put simply, they do not pay a cent to the producers of the films and TV shows that they offer. This is illegal.

No account is needed to access CouchTuner’s content. However, users complain that the materials are disorganized and the site does not support the autoplay function. Moreover, the content is generally of very poor quality. For instance, some TV shows are recorded directly from a screen with a low-quality camera.

Well, you could not expect much from an illegal service, could you? Moreover, since this type of streaming service breaks the law, using it can bring you unnecessary problems. It is not a stretch of reality, but you could have legal issues with your Internet Service Provider. Do you think you want to play this game to save a few dollars?

And that is not all. Think about security. CouchTuner and other shady sites like ProjectFreeTV are sources of malware. It is not uncommon to be the victim of a phishing attack on such websites. Do you want to be the victim of something more serious like a cyber robbery or identity theft?

Cheap Options to Stream Movies and TV Shows

As said, it is understandable that students look for free entertainment services. However, there are cheap options that are legal and do not represent any danger. It is better to pay a low price for some peace of mind, don’t you think so? Below, you have the list of some inexpensive options you could consider.

  1. This is the gold standard against which other streaming services are evaluated in terms of quality. Its film catalog is unimpressive though, but it has a wider variety of TV shows     . However, its original productions are the real cause this service became so popular. For students, a good option to pay less is to get a discount on the cost of a Netflix account with a gift card. Check some online sales websites like eBay or Rakuten. You can find a good deal on a Netflix gift card;
  2. Amazon Prime Video: You may not believe it, but Amazon Prime Video has a much larger selection of movies than Netflix. You can find here any title you are looking for. On the other hand, TV shows are less numerous in the catalog. For students, you can get the Prime Student Membership at a very affordable price;
  3. Apple TV+: This is a completely new streaming service. It started operations in November 2019 and does not have a large offer of media content. While the monthly subscription is fair, you can get this TV service for free. If you purchase an Apple Music Student Plan, you can get Apple TV+ for free. With the music plan, you can download any itune from a very large music library. Alternatively, you can get Apple TV+ if you purchase a new Apple device (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
  4. NOW TV: This is a service that belongs to Sky, and therefore its selection of movies is the same as Sky Cinema. Even though it does not offer many TV shows, its selection includes some of the best titles.

This list can be used as a guide to starting inquiring to find the best streaming service for you. As you see, quality entertainment is not necessarily expensive. Good luck with your search!

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