McDonald’s Franchise:

A salesman of Milkshake mixer, Ray Kroc traveled in 1954 to California to visit the stand of McDonald’s hamburger where he heard that they run eight milkshake mixers at once. He was impressed by their rapid customer’s service and waiting for an opportunity to sell more milkshake appliances and encouraged to open a chain of their restaurants to brothers McDonald and Dick. Kroc also became their partner in business and opened the first McDonald’s in 1955 at Des Plaines in Illinois. Since then, they have become a recognized international symbol of fast service for fries, hamburgers, chicken, salads, breakfast items and milkshakes. Steve Easterbrook is the CEO of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Dollar menu: It is the right price to create any meal for an occasion. It sells $1, $2 and $3 Items. Each Dollar item has three different items with a soft drink.

McDonald’s Salads are famous for its mixed greens and elegant toppings. It provides different types of crispy and chicken salads.

The McDonald’s Monopoly is a game for the promotion of sales which uses a theme of Monopoly, latter board game.

McDonald’s Hours:McDonald's Breakfast

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours:

The McDonald’s breakfast is available from 8 am to 11 am. The McDonald’s breakfast menu consists of Hot Cakes, Hash Browns and different types of McMuffins, sausage and cheese biscuits with fruit and yogurt parfaits.

McDonald’s lunch hours:

McDonald’s lunch starts at 10.30 am on Monday – Friday and 11 am on Saturdays and Sundays. Mcdonalds 2 for 5 is a classic feature. You get 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, Cheese Quarter Pounder, and Filet-O-Fish.

Arch Cards, can also make into McDonald’s Gift Cards and send them to someone special for any occasion or used by yourself. These cards have $5 to $50 denomination. McDonald’s Gift Card Balance can be reloaded using a credit card which starts from $10.

It provides a mobile app. Though this McDonald’s application you can know the restaurants nearby and food around you. You can also get McDonald’s delivery of your meal to your home, office or a particular place. 


Established in: 1955

Franchising from: 63 Years from 1955

Company Address: 2915 Jorie Blvd. Oak Brook, IL 60523

Symbol of Ticker: MCD

McDonald’s Franchise Investment:

Their Minimum Investment was: $1,008,000

Their Maximum Investment was: $2,214,080

McDonald’s Franchise Units:

1st Year: +507 Units (+1.4%)

After 3 Years: +1328 Units (+3.7%)

Locations of Units:

                         U.S. Franchises           Franchises Outside US            Company Owned

2016                     12,978                                    17,389                                      6,137

2017                     13,109                                    18,827                                      5,075

They are looking for new units of franchise all over the world.


McDonald’s maintain 3rd party sources relationships which cover finance for equipment costs.

McDonald’s Financial Status:

Initial Investment: $1,008,000 – $2,214,080

Liquid Cash Requirement: $500,000

McDonald’s Support Options:

Grand Opening

Toll-Free Line


Field Operations

Site Selection

Franchise Intranet Platform

Security/Safety Procedures

Online Support


Proprietary Software


Marketing Support:

Social Media

National Media

Ad Templates

Co-op Advertising

Regional Advertising

Loyalty app/program


You can get all the details of McDonald’s jobs at McDonald’s careers:

McDonald’s Facebook Page:

McDonald’s Twitter Account:


McDonald’s Customer Service Number: 1 800 244 6227

McDonald’s Customer Help:





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