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There is a tripartite relationship between SEO, content marketing and SEO franchise marketing. The triad works hand in hand with each other. SEO helps content in reaching the required audience readily since SEO is narrower and more technical.
To understand the basics of these terms, let’s break down this tried into various components.

SEO: This simply means how search engines optimize a website so as to be easily searched by an audience.
Content Marketing: This means all the searchable information on the web

SEO Franchise: This is a lead generation tool that helps franchisor land a sell through a well-articulated SEO.
Search Engine Optimization is used to increase a website visibility, boost ranking on web search engine result, web traffic and also helps land a lead for a franchisor by increasing his return on investment. Proper SEO franchise also helps a franchisor in making a good lead which may translate to purchase. Strategically placing of keywords, phrase, and highly searched words help Google to search out your website out from billions of content and website on the World Wide Web.

Steps in developing SEO franchise
For your website to be properly optimized so as to maximize your content and SEO franchise penetration, some strategic steps should be taken.
These include:
1. Research your keyword:
For your webpage to be properly optimized and easily retrievable from the sea of information keywords should be properly researched and the SEO franchises content should be properly synchronized so that your clients can easily read it up using Google read page app. This can be done by searching out the likely words or phrase your target audience might be using while searching for your content or product online. An example is an article on research writing; some keywords to look out for is, journals, project, dissertation etc.
2. Organization of Content
Make sure that your contents are properly arranged and enhanced with the right keywords so as to help visitors find the information they need. Contents should be properly spaced with subheadings as this helps visitors or buyers in the place of the franchisor to stay more on the site. A very articulated SEO franchise content is a powerful tool for any online marketer or e-commerce firm.
3. Optimization of keywords
The next stage is to properly optimize your keywords by placing them in the right places in the content for maximum search. Note that keywords should not be placed haphazardly so as not to be blacklisted. Also, proper optimization of keywords enables web “spiders” to search out your website and articles easily. This can also be done by registering it. Proper SEO franchise helps in linking to other pages that might be relevant or related to your page or services being offered.
4. Content promotion
To increase the visibility of your post and content the page should provide an option for sharing on social media for a vast audience and also encouraging friends to re-share. More so, content can be promoted by building links to share with other high ranking sites that have the same content as yours. Hyperlinking helps your page to be easily visible and make sure that it’s a top-notch website.
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To optimize your site, pay adequate attention to the quality of SEO incorporated into the content or article and how it is arranged.

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