Infrared Photography

Infrared Photography: 35 Examples of Mysterious Pictures

In infrared, photography, the film or image sensor used  sensitive to infrared light. Usually, an “infrared filter” used lets infrared (IR) light pass through to the camera, but blocks all or most of the visible light spectrum (the filter, therefore, looks black or deep red).

When a filter  used together with infrared-sensitive film or sensors, false-color or black-and-white images can result, with a dreamlike or somewhat ghostly/spooky appearance.

As with most photographic techniques these days, faux infrared photography can be achieved with image manipulation software such as Photoshop.

After the showcase  a list of links to articles outlining the techniques for shooting infrared photography, and also how to create the infrared effect in Photoshop.

We have collected more than 30 stunning examples of infrared photography for your inspiration and viewing pleasure.

1. Stock forest woodland tree infra

Stock forest woodland tree infra

2. Three Willow Trees infrared

Three Willow Trees infrared

3. Hungry Clouds

Hungry Clouds

4. Infrared – Magic

Infrared Magic

5. The Guilded River

The Guilded River

6.Infrared -Winter

Infrared Winter



8.Infrared -Dream

Infrared Dream

9.Infrared- Batam

Infrared Batam

10.Tree In Yyteri

Tree In Yyteri



12.Infrared Series – Terengganu

Infrared Series-Terengganu

13.The Visitor

The Visitor



15.Palm Colony

Palm Colony

16.Dienten III

Dienten III

17.Bosbury Infrascape

Bosbury Infrascape

18.Infrared- Macro of Flowers

Infrared Macro of Flowers

19.Infrared – Road

Infrared Road

20.Infrared – Pond

Infrared Pond

21.Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake

22.Fluffy Tree

Fluffy Tree

23.Infrared Paradise

Infrared Paradise

24.Don’t trust black windows

Don't trust black windows





27.Infrared Landscape – Yellowstone

Infrared Landscape-Yellowstone

28.Infrared Pictures La Hulpe

Infrared Pictures La Hulpe

29.Infrared Botanical Garden Shanghai

Infrared Botanical Garden Shanghai

30.Infrared Duck

Infrared Duck

31.Park Jean-Drapeau, Quebec

Park Jean-Drapeau, Quebec

32.Winter in Mexico

Winter in Mexico

33.Elfs Land

Elfs Land

34.View From the Past

View From the Past

35.Peles Castle

Peles Castle

36.Infrared Photography How-Tos

If you would like to take photographs in infrared but are not sure if your camera is up to it, or what equipment  required, if you would like to know the best subjects, time of day, lighting conditions, etc., here is a selection of articles that will point you in the right direction

The Following are Photographies

  • Firstly, Getting Started with Infrareed- Photography
  • Secondly,Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera
  •  Lastly,Photography Using a Digital Camera

After looking through some Photoshop tutorials for the infrared effect, I discovered that they are all pretty much the same, so I have selected just one, which I completed and here are my before and after images using  tutorial:

Tutorial Before

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