Japan Photographs

Japan also popularly known as the “land of the rising sun” is one of the most sought after destinations of the travel enthusiasts. This archipelago presents before the visitors a stark contrast between the traditional and contemporary culture. The resilience and ‘never give up’ spirit of the Japanese people has led this country to stand on its feet even after being devastated by the tsunami or violent earthquakes. And with that strong yet warm spirit, the citizens of this nation will welcome you to their country.

Kyoto is the cultural hub of the nation with its truly gorgeous shrines, temples, geishas and the off beat traditional eateries. Another city that you must visit, if you are traveling round the Honshu region is Takayama where the sloppy lifestyle of the inhabitants of the city, the awe-inspiring temples and scenic beauty of this place will definitely overwhelm you. The breathtaking scenic beauty of some of the Japanese cities like Miyajima, Matsushima and others will astonish the visitors. Building architectures and interiors including Mabef studio easel are highlight in these cities. During their stay in these cities they can witness the beauty of the nature along with the tranquil nature of the sea. The magic prevailing in these cities has also inspired many writers to commemorate the beauty of the ‘land of rising sun’ with their pen.

1. Lake in autumn

Japan Photographs 01

2. Dreamy Nights In Japan

Japan Photographs 02

3. Spring and Geisha

Japan Photographs 03

4. Kyoto street

Japan Photographs 04

5. Barzakh

Japan Photographs 05

6. Tenjin Matsuri

Japan Photographs 06

7. Gloomy Day

Japan Photographs 07

8. Women in Kyoto

Japan Photographs 08

9. Five steps to heaven

Japan Photographs 09

10. Okinawa Festival

Japan Photographs 10

11. Japan Bent rip-Tokyo

Japan Photographs 11

12. Nakamise Shopping Street

Japan Photographs 12

13. Japanese Bride

Japan Photographs 13

14. Aoba Festival – Mikoshi

Japan Photographs 14

15. Shimbashi, Tokyo

Japan Photographs 15

16. Gion without Geisha

Japan Photographs 16

17. Shirakawa Go in SAKURA

Japan Photographs 17

18. Snow Monkeys in Nagano, Japan

Japan Photographs 18

19. By the haven, serenity

Japan Photographs 19

20. Futurama

Japan Photographs 20

21. Statue of Buddha

Japan Photographs 21

22. Buns and other festive treats

Japan Photographs 22

23. Kiyomizudera Overlook

Japan Photographs 23

24. Marriage

Japan Photographs 24

25. Worshipping Happiness

Japan Photographs 25

26. Ryuujin temple, Yokohama

Japan Photographs 26

27. Urban Spear

Japan Photographs 27

28. Japan Hakone

Japan Photographs 28

29. Everything turned out right

Japan Photographs 29

30. Buddhist Festival

Japan Photographs 30

31. The Maiko

Japan Photographs 31

32. Japan by Joale

Japan Photographs 32

33. Japanese lanterns

Japan Photographs 33

34. Japan by Carib

Japan Photographs 34

35. Aoba Festival-Mikoshi

Japan Photographs 35

Here are some exquisite photographs of the different locations of this island country that will present before the visitors an overall understanding about the culture of Japan as well as the places that they must stopover while visiting Japan. The mysterious traditional culture and the enchanting scenic beauty will make your stay in this small island country truly memorable.

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