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Techniques to Snap Better Photos for a Website

Websites have steadily become more and more visual as the years go by, with photos and images taking center stage. While you may want to snap photos to include on your website, you should be aware that poor quality photos are likely to leave a bad first impression that could harm your website.

In short if you’re going to snap photos for your website you need to do it right – which can be tricky if you don’t have much experience. That is where these techniques will come in handy, as they’ll help you to snap better photos that look much more appealing:

  • Find the right light

Lighting is arguably the most important factor to consider when you’re snapping photos, and too little light can cause the photo to look grainy. Conversely too much direct light can create hard shadows that may look good in some cases but more often than not will obscure details in the photos.

That is why a good place to start is to try to snap photos in a bright but soft light that is diffused. The natural light that is streaming through a large open window is a good option, or if not there are lots of lighting solutions that you can try out nowadays.

  • Adjust the framing and composition with the rule of thirds

Admittedly there are many composition techniques that you could try, but one of the easiest and most universal is the rule of thirds. To use it you should first turn on the ‘grid’ feature on your camera and then position the subject and other elements along the lines or at the intersection points.

By positioning elements in this way when you frame the shot you should be able to ensure the subject is slightly off-center which will improve its aesthetic. Additionally, the other elements should be more spaced out, and won’t distract viewers from the subject.

  • Get close and fill the frame

If you want your photo to center on the subject to the exclusion of everything else, get close and fill the frame with it. As you can imagine this option is excellent for character-driven photos or product photography for your website.

The photo that you’re able to snap if you fill the frame should look more detailed and make the subject the focus of attention. Just remember to get physically closer and don’t use the zoom – as ‘zooming in’ could affect the image quality unless you use optical zoom.

As much as these techniques will help you to snap more impressive photos, odds are they could benefit from a few tweaks here and there. That is why you should also look into ways to edit your photos, such as by using Movavi Photo Editor (

Developing a good eye for photos can take time and experience, but the techniques listed above should put you on the right track. Just keep at it and before you know it the photos that you snap will undoubtedly end up making your website stand out much better.

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