Google Analytic Alternatives

15+ Google Analytic Alternatives

Google Analytics is the best available analytics tool for webmasters, but it’s not always practical or available. Google Analytics has a pretty solid hold on the online analytics market. But there have been plenty of issues with Google Analytics that have been discussed around the web, for example, failure to tag pages, poor location of Google Analytics tracking code, JavaScript errors on the page and other.

Websites are an interface that can be used to reach out to global clients easily and from anywhere and at any time. Thus the cyber space has emerged as the largest marketplace answering to the queries of the clients and meeting with their demands. However, to make the best use of this awesome facility, the entrepreneurs also require responding to the demands of the clients efficiently and quickly. So, most webmasters have taken up the initiative to embed real time analytic tools in their website so that they can track the behavior of the visitors in the websites easily and bring about necessary changes for the growth of their business.

Real-time analytic tool

The real-time analytic tool tracks all the movements in a website like the exact number of visitors, the most popular pages, the broken links, the pages from which most visitors leave the website and much other classified information. Along with the numbers, these tools also provide the owners with graphical representations of the facts and figures which are easier to understand and comprehend. Get regular updates from the analytic tools and customize your platform accordingly to make the most of your brand’s online presence.

We have collected twenty best real time analytic tools which will not only provide you with the data, but also suggest you probable ways to expand your online business. Subscribe to any of these efficient real time application tools to establish your position in this age of cut throat competition. Share your experience about using these platforms with the other readers as it will help them to take appropriate action.

1. Chart beat


2. Histats


5. Kissmetrics


6. Localytics


7. Mint


8. Mixpanel


9. Mouse flow


10. Net monitor


11. Piwik


13. Seevolution


14. Shiny stat


15. Site meter


16. Spring


18. Usertesting


19. Whos amung us


20. Woopra


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