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Playing with Glass is very dangerous outside, but it isn’t in Photoshop. You’re safe enough to play if you have time and creativity along. You can find a huge number of tutorials if you search for Photoshop text tutorials online. But we have only a few when it comes to Glassy text effect tuts.

You can learn how to create awesome and complex text effects, but there are also plenty of very easy basic tutorials. In this current tut, we will show something middle: it is very effective text, cool to design ads or posters but in the same time is it is easy and you can create it within not more than 30 minutes. So in this photoshop tutorial, we will show you how to create a glassy text effect.

Hope you’ll find it useful.


Program: Adobe Photoshop CS3

Difficulty: Intermediate

Estimated Time: 30min – 1 hr.

Final Result


How to give a Glass effect to text? Here we tried to show you in simple steps.

Let’s get started…


Let’s start by creating a new document. Set the dimensions of the canvas to 900×1200 px.


2. (Creating gradient background)

Double click on the Background layer to access Layer Style and  add Gradient Overlay as I showed


Arrange colors in gradient Editor as shown and click OK


The background will look like this after adding Gradient Overlay


3. (Adding cloudy texture)

Create a new layer and set the background color BLACK and foreground color WHITE in the bottom of tool palate, then go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Change the blend mode to Overlay and reduce the opacity to 50%.


4. (Creating glassy effect)

Create a new layer and Type your text with Horizontal Type Tool (T). I have chosen font Cooper Std. Size 225 pt.


Double click on the text layer to access Layer Style and  make changes as shown


Then add inner shadow as shown below


Next, add Outer Glow


Next, add Bevel and Emboss


add Gradient Overlay


Then add Stroke


After adding all the above styles the effect will look like this.


5. (Arranging text)

Duplicate the text layer and place it in such a way one overlays the other to witness the glassy effect


Now add your own text, I go with “GLASS”


6. (Create shadow)

Create a new layer, draw the oval shape and go to Select > Modify > Feather (Alt +Ctrl + D) give feather radius 10 pix then fill it with BLACK color and keep this layer below the text layers.


7. (Creating mirror effect)

Duplicate all the text layers and merge them. Then with transform selection (Ctrl +T) flip vertically and place it below the original text as I showed.


Erase slightly at the bottom part using Eraser Tool (E) and reduce the opacity of the layer to 50%


8. (Adding special effect)

In a new layer using default brush Crosshatch4 with 50 px. Create star glow effect on text with white color as I shown.


here is how our final effect looks.

Final Image:


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