20 Hot Valentine’s Gifts For Designers And Geeks

Is it too late to share some interesting finds for Valentine’s Day? I think not. I love seeing what is out there for special occasions, especially gifts that cater to the inner geek. Admit it, there is a little bit of geekiness in you! It is, in me.  How else does one explain getting excited about fake lego jewellery or digital music on a USB stick that is camouflaged in a retro cassette tape package?

If you didn’t take time off from coding your latest app or designing your newest logo or redesigning your portfolio and completely forgot to get your better half (most definitely your better half if you are the one who has forgotten) something small, something quirky but useless, something meaningful in the nerd universe; then this list is just what you need. As always, I have put together some fun stuff for Valentine’s that your Valentine may get a kick out of.

1. Scott Pilgrim Kissing Mug

Scott Pilgrim Kissing Mugs

Have you watched Scott Pilgrim? The modern day epitome of geek oozes out from every part of the movie. These Scott Pilgrim kissing mugs for “him” and “her” would be perfect to pour some of that geekiness into your everyday life.

2. Mans Candle

Man Candles

A candle for the man! Nutmeg & Ginger with a splash of Motor Oil. Lemongrass & Thyme with a dash of Lady Luck …. very creative and geeky fragrance combinations. I wonder what they smell like!

3. I Love My Geek Tees


Spunky looking tees for him and her. Go on! Proclaim your geekiness!

4. 8-Bit Flower Bouquet

8-Bit Flowers

Someone recently raised a question about how much those cut flowers in vases cost? The ones that sit on a coffee table during a television chat show or interview. It is a legitimate question. How cool would it be to give your love some gorgeous flowers that didn’t need watering and also told them that you value your money and the environment?

5. i-heart Necklace

i-heart necklace

So cute and crafty, centimeters on the outside, inches on the inside.

6. Heart Logo Necklace

Logo necklace

Modern, cool, this necklace looks like a paper aeroplane. But it also has the geometric shape of a heart, with two halves of a perfectly matched whole. This would most definitely excite the logo designer or origami nerd in your life!

7. The Ladies Of Star Wars Playing Cards

Ladies Of Star Wars

This one actually made me crack up! But you’d win brownie points if you gave this to your Star Wars crazy boyfriend/husband this Valentine’s!

8. I Love You In Binary – 8×10 Geek Print

Binary Print

A fun, bold print that says “I Love You” in Binary. Nothing else says I Love You Better!

9. LeWhif Breathable Chocolate

Le Whif Breathable Chocolate

All the headiness and kick of chocolate without actually eating it? Brilliant!

10. Cute Lego Brick Rings

Lego Rings

These are absolutely adorable! And so many vibrant colors to choose from! PRomise your love in true retro geek style.

11. Nerd in ASCII Binary Code Messenger Bag

Binary Satchel

Very stylish bag for the geek in your life!

12. Pac-Man Candy

Pac-Man Candy

Pac-man and the ghosts, full of sweet yummy candy. This Valentine’s Day share some arcade sweetness and also end up with some rare pac-man collector’s tins.

13. USB Mix Tape

Mix Tape

You can’t have a lovey-dovey relationship without a mixed tape! So what if cassette players are defunct. Go the USB way!

14. ion Audio iPTUSB Potable USB Turntable


Give your guy or girl this swanky limited edition red turntable and watch them swoon all over you!

15. Pantone Covers For iPhone And iPad

Pantone Covers

You MUST buy this! How amazing are these Pantone covers to dress up your favorite gadgets?

16. Camera Armor

Camera Armor

Lightweight silicone camera skins by Camera Armor would endear you even more to your photography mad other half! These are gorgeous and would make a lovely gift.

17. Lovers Name A Star

Name A Star

Name a star after your loved one and one for yourself and be immortalized in the night skies for the next 10 billion years or more! Romantic, profound and absolutely mad!

18. Skullcandy Hesh Paul Frank Headphones – Black Julius

Skullcandy Headphones

I have one of these and they are amazing! They are bold, loud, stunning and perfect to accessorize your ipod or laptop.

19. His & Hers Wii-Motes (In US Only)


Nintendo will be releasing special edition remotes for him and her this Valentine’s Day in the US. Get you game face on!

20. I Love You – By Threadless

I Love You Tee
This tee sums it all up very nicely!

As for me. I am going gift-free this year. So is Nick! We are opting instead for a special lunch and dinner together where we will no doubt remniscise about past Valentine’s days and the surprises we sprung on each other and the juvenile gifts we exchanged. On that note, wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


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