35+ Handy jQuery Plugins For Web Developers

jQuery is very popular now a days with web developers, and it is really amazing to see what one can create using jQuery. Its community backed and powered up in such a way that nothing is impossible and everything is easy to achieve. Moreover, it has got a huge number of free plugins to play with that can improve the quality your web development work, but also make it easier to do at the same time.

Today we have a great round-up for your with jQuery plugins. We tried to list out the 40 Great jQuery plugins for serious web developers. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and feel free to leave a comment with any that we may have left out!

Jquery Cycle Plugin

Avia Slider

Creating a Fancy menu using css3 and jquery

Animated text and Menu with Jquery

Beautiful background image navigation with Jquery

Full Screen background & slideshow Jquery Plugin

jquery Plugin From Akward Group

Face Book Like Auto Suggestion

Animated 404 Page

Colorful Sliders

Creating a sliding Image puzzle

Image slider in Single Unordered List

Surprised 2.0 Plugin

Randomizer app

Retina Effect

Photobooth App

Shutter Effect

Mc drop down Jquery Plugin


A fresh Bottom Slide out menu with Jquery

Thumbnails Navigation Gallery


Photo-shoot Effect

light box Gallery

Making our own Twitter timeline

Jquery toast message Plugin

Vertical Ticker Jquery plugin



Css 3D Image gallery


Fancy Quote with Ajax, Css, and Jquery

A Stylish Navigation Menu

Flip Plugin

Making a Mosiac Slide show

Horizontal Bar Graph

Activity Indicator

Dream CSS

Billboard Effect

Peel Effect In Jquery

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