25 Page Transitions Effects Tutorials & jQuery Plugins

25 Page Transitions Effects Tutorials & jQuery Plugins

Page transitions effects like smooth scrolling, page animation or cool image effects can be done by specially created Jquery plugins, some simple JavaScript codes or with CSS3 styles.

Month by month CSS3 and Jquery transitions have become trend and commonly used in UI’s because with simple codes you can add special coll effects to your page that is light and easy to use.

To learn how to create page transition effects, to showcase the best page transition Jquery plugins (stand alone plugins, stylish WordPress plugins, Drupal plugin) and to share some good code snippets that you can use to add to your page cool scrolling and animation, we create this post.

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30 jQuery Validation Plugins to Verify Form Data

jQuery Validation Plugins to Verify Form Data

Form validation – necessary part of each modern html form to prevent spamming and support website visitors to fulfill all required information your form must have before send data to email etc therefore jQuery validation plugins must have in web developer toolkit. With Html5 and Css3 elements you can create basic validation of your form but why limit yourself, your creativity with classic popup or other standard notification.

There are many ways how to add a validation function to website form – most easiest way is to add form that have build in validation function. Most advanced option is to create your own html form and add custom jQuery verification code. Other way is to use jQuery validation plugin by uploading jQuery library to your website and configure it.

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35+ Handy jQuery Plugins For Web Developers

Handy jQuery Plugins For Web Developers

jQuery is very popular now a days with web developers, and it is really amazing to see what one can create using jQuery. Its community backed and powered up in such a way that nothing is impossible and everything is easy to achieve. Moreover, it has got a huge number of free plugins to play with that can improve the quality your web development work, but also make it easier to do at the same time.

Today we have a great round-up for your with jQuery plugins. We tried to list out the 40 Great jQuery plugins for serious web developers. Hope you’ll enjoy it, and feel free to leave a comment with any that we may have left out!

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Ultimate Guide about jQuery UI – Tutorials, Tips, Resources and Examples

jQuery UI

jquery is very useful and popular new version of javascript. On internet you can find a lot of very cool and useful jquery tutorials and effects. You can just imagine is power with this fact that it is used in almost top 10000+ most visited sites. jQuery UI is basically jQuery user interface library. It provides interactions, effects, widgets, etc to create internet applications. In this post i have give you ultimate guide about jquery ui.

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25+ jquery Form Plugins

jquery Form Plugins

jquery is used in almost top 10000+ most visited sites. Powers of jquery is now unlimited. Today i am trying to show you power of jquery in forms field, That hoe jquery validates form or mask password or show you your comments live preview etc. So have a look out at this post and see … Read more