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The biggest gaming expo is already sparking exciting chatter across all online and offline platforms. The E3 is at the heart of every change that gets set to take place. Sony will be ducking the show for the 2nd year running, which might strike some controversy.

However, the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft, among others, will be fully representing. It’s a fantastic chance to see some of the 1st games getting announced for the PlayStation consoles and next-generation Xbox.

There’s a lot of strides to make the show a public event without having to cripple its value. Here is everything you need to know about E3 2020.

When the event will take place

The E3 2020 gets set to take place between 9th and 11th June 2020, just like the past E3 conferences. However, one of the three days has become reserved for industry attendees.

To attend this coveted and lucrative event, you need to get your gamer pass and get ready for the show, which will open from 10 am to 6 pm.

The show might last for three days, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get to know about the games. You can also check various press conferences held by the publishers and game developers before the show. As you game on multiple sites, including https://indosbobet178.com, don’t forget to check out how different game developers get to hype up their latest games.

The E3 2020 tickets

For some years now, E3 hasn’t become restricted to media attendees as well as the industry. It means that anybody can buy a ticket and hit the show. One can get their hands on any latest game before release except for the ones behind closed doors or restricted to media.

Get ready for ticked registration as well as a gamer badge. You can choose to get a premium badge, which will cover all the days at the event. It’s also a unique chance to enjoy exclusive benefits.


Various companies will be taking part in this year’s show. The Xbox, Ubisoft, Sega, Warner Bros, Nintendo, Bethesda, Namco, Capcom and Square-Enix some of the companies expected to make a highlight in the shows.

You can get an opportunity to watch any press conference live stream as well as all keynotes. It’s a chance to catch up will all the latest update concerning the show.

The E3 shows are one that every gamer looks up to all year long to keep up with new gaming products from developers. It’s often a perfect chance to check out essential announcements that shape the conversation around online games for months. As you enjoy an excellent online game at various websites, including indosbobet178.com, be sure to check out the movers and shakers of the online gaming world.

Get a chance to learn in-depth about the Electronic Entertainment Expo and check out upcoming console and games. With exciting panel discussions as well as keynotes, you can get a feel of the incredible buzz will all matters gaming.


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