6 elements of efficient website

Top 6 elements of the efficient website

A stunning website catches attention and attracts the audience. The number of visitors increases and the customer base grows thus helping the site achieve its goals.

The site includes different elements that should be performed at a high level to make the resource work for you. These characteristics work jointly and contribute to the success of the site. Let us regard each element separately.

  1. Responsiveness of design

Breakthrough technologies that came to the market enabled the use of different mobile devices for web browsing. We are not attached to computers any longer and can work online on the move. The gadgets can have different screen resolution, therefore, the design has to adapt to its size to look good on the screen. In this connection, responsiveness becomes an essential feature for the mobile version of the site & considered on the stage of development. The responsive site is mobile friendly and looks great on all devices: smartphone, tablet etc.

Why is it so important? In accordance with the latest figures, more than half (52.7%) people in the world go online via mobile devices. In the United States, this figure exceeds 75%. If most of your clients are mobile users, it is necessary to provide mobile-friendly design not to lose potential clients.

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  1. User-friendliness

The site should be easily navigated so that the visitor could be served properly. If the design or functionality of the site is confusing, the customer is not able to solve his problem and just leaves to order the same service or commodity in the other online store. Improve usability and navigation with clean, uncluttered design and clear functionality. The number of menu items should not exceed 8. Avoid offering too many options not to overwhelm the customer.

user friendly Ui design
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  1. Call to action (CTA)

The importance of this feature is often underestimated. The owners of the site think, for some reason, that visitors know what to do next. But the practice shows the opposite thing. Even the ideal site is not effective without a call to action button. You should add it on each page of your site  displayed on the sidebar or weaved into a text. CTA can be provided in different forms:

You offer to

  • Subscribe to get email news
  • Learn more about new products
  • Follow the company in social networks etc.

Which strategy works in the most effective way? Try different ones and compare the results!

call to action CTA
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  1. Stunning design

The site design should be beautiful and neat. It should represent your activity. Beautiful visuals work perfectly to attract the customers. The site should look credible and make your first-time visitors believe you.

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  1. Smooth functionality

If something does not work correctly, the mistake should be removed. What’s the use of the site if some feature does not work properly? For instance, digital payment failure is one of the most common problems of online stores. If the site does not sell, its entire work has no sense. The functionality of the site tested carefully. Remove the errors to have flawless functionality and get profit from your online store. The site is efficient only when all its features work well.

Sometimes the site does not function well due to low site load speed or an internal problem, it can be caused by low-quality web host service. Thus, choosing the hosting company, you should pay attention to such parameters as response time and uptime.

smooth functionality
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  1. High-quality content

The ideal design does not guarantee the efficacy of work. You need high-quality content that will bring the visitors to your site. Publish tables, articles, podcasting, graphics, videos and other visuals on the site to make the site appealing for users. Discuss the acute topics within the niche your site presents & done on a regular basis. The clients like consistency refers to search engines, which tend to raise the ranking of the site when the content is published regularly.

high quality content
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There are many powerful means that contribute to the success of the site, but the elements mentioned above are crucial. Using eye-catching design, engaging content and good functionality you will be able to captivate the audience and raise conversion of the site.




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