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Steps to make the ePayment system easy

Payment gateway

When your customers feel that the payment method is easy as possible for them, it directly boosts your sales and profits. This is one of the main reasons that your checkout process is critical for your website.
The payment gateway is the final place to stop for people who have been shopping on your website. It’s the point where they part with their credit card information and hard earned cash. In simple words, it’s the point where window shoppers become customers.
It might sound easy to just simply incorporate Paypal on your website and call it a day, but if you’re looking for making the process easy for your customers, and planning to increase the sales for your company—you need to have full control over your entire checkout process.

Various ePayment Systems

There are certain websites that offer only one payment method. If you do so, your customers would just abandon the shopping cart and jump to another website to make the purchase. There is a study that suggests 56% of the shoppers expect a number of payment options on the checkout page.
You need to do proper research and find out what are the popular payment methods that your target audience commonly use. After implementing those methods, you can expect a rapid increase in sales. Some of the best payment methods would be bank transfers and accepting debit and credit cards.

Accept Payments Without Registering An Account

Let’s be honest. No one wants to remember another username and password. And why would anyone want to put up a wall like that, which prevents people from paying? Forcing people to sign up in order to make a purchase is, of course, intrusive and is rude to the customers.
There are many customers who are reluctant to provide their email address to shopping sites. The reason is obvious—they don’t want to he flooded with promotional emails. Another big disadvantage is that when people fill out more and more details, it just delays the payment process.


From a marketing point of view, you’ll need to continue everything as steady as possible. This implies utilizing similar hues, textual styles, and create your checkout page similar to other pages your site, so people don’t feel uncomfortable.
Of course, certain online payment providers deliver the frontend instantly for you, yet you lose control over the look and feel of your checkout page. Furthermore, with online tricks and hacking stories out there, it’s superbly sensible for people to be doubtful when they see a checkout page that is not similar to the site they were shopping on.

Don’t Redirect People

You worked so difficult to get individuals to your site. Why send them away to another site to pay?

This is the primary inconvenience of using PayPal, that sidetracks individuals far from your site to a checkout page. Since you have no say over the plan of the checkout page, many customers begin to feel that they are giving the money to some other organization, other than the one they are purchasing from.

Make Errors Simple to Fix

It’s given that individuals commit errors. Once in aa whilea zip code gets ignored, or someone made a mistake while typing the email address. Regardless, your website should be flexible to such errors and it should not make a big issue out of it.
Some checkout pages show an error at the beginning of a page, however many don’t understand they have to look over as far as possible up to discover what turned out badly. To be perfect, you need a mistake message to show up in the field in which it happened.

Gather Only Useful Information

Like when you’re constructing an ecommerce business, you need to restrict the measure of data you ask for to the basics!

Nothing changes the customer’s mind more than filling out a frame with data, that is a bit too much to make a buy. Furthermore, including insignificant fields, adds more obstacles for individuals to bounce over them and pay you.
There is a study that suggests that around 11% of the U.S individuals, dropped the idea of buying since they did not like to enroll, or the website was requesting excess information.

Shopify ePayment System

By integrating Shopify payment system on your website, you can securely add a large number of payment methods for your customers. All your payment data are safe in one place. Use ecommerce website builders to boost your business, while they take care of the looks and feel of your website.

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