Digital Cartoon Illustrations

30 Stunning Digital Cartoon Illustrations

The word cartoon refers to several very different forms of visual art and illustration. A cartoon was originally a preparatory sketch or drawing for a piece of art – particularly paintings and tapestries.

In modern digital art, cartoons are brought to us in many different forms – from the sketched, postcard-type drawings, to the Disney-style vector characters, even to finer art, and not forgetting the Japanese-style Anime and Manga cartoons.

Many of today’s cartoons are based on existing films, TV shows, console games, etc., however, some are straight from the artist’s imagination or inspired by a child, a pet, a situation, etc. Usually, but not always, cartoons are based on humor.

Here is a collection of 30 outstanding cartoon illustrations falling into all of the categories mentioned in this introduction.

Stunning Digital Cartoon Illustrations

Instant Noodles are awesome by Qinni

Instant Noodles are awesome

The Simpsonzu by spacecoyote

The Simpsonzu

Edward Scissorhands + Rapunzel by daekazu

Edward Scissorhands + Rapunzel

Generation Gap by JohnSu

Generation Gap

Beyond Wonderland by Bakanekonei

Beyond Wonderland

Tangled: Lights for Rapunzel by Aristeidis

Tangled: Lights for Rapunzel

The Little Merman by daekazu

The Little Merman

Somewhere in Heaven… by shinga

Somewhere in Heaven...

kick by tahra


And Baby Bears was Just Right by Bakanekonei

And Baby Bears was Just Right

sailor moon…. go figure by nebezial

sailor moon.... go figure

Garnet Halloween by frozenlilacs

Garnet Halloween

Helium by azuzephre


Fat Unicorn by zillabean

Fat Unicorn

Original fantasy world 11 by isamegu

Original fantasy world 11

Quest for Capital by JohnSu

Quest for Capital

Which Side by Bakanekonei

Which Side

May I join You by Bakanekonei

May I join You

Welcome to the crew Tinkerbell by ShoNuff44

Welcome to the crew Tinkerbell

Ed Edd  n’ Eddy by Miimochi

Ed Edd n' Eddy

my pet mermaid by dorset

my pet mermaid

Wendy Walks by Bakanekonei

Wendy Walks

Mythbusters by Billdrastal


menthe a l’eau by Aquafeles

menthe a l'eau

Digimon VS Naruto by nicole1725 and Pallid

Digimon VS Naruto

He brought you a prezzie by jollyjack

He brought you a prezzie

Fantasmagorias-756 by shichigoro


Cute Caesar – Et Tu Bwute? by kevinbolk

Cute Caesar - Et Tu Bwute?

Childhood by Xamag-chan


sora the heartbreaker by Pallid

sora the heartbreaker

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