5 Important Lessons taught by Apple to Web designers

The success of Apple has increased from no one desire to everyone’s need now. The have emerged as number one computing device manufacturing company of the world. They have devices from smart phones to tablets and what not. You just name it and Apple has a gadget for you.
The most important thing it has done for web designers is that it has taught some really cool lessons about designing. Whether it is there simple looking web page or there tone and app store they have a lesson in everything. In this article I have mentioned 5 really important lessons a web designer should know.


Apple never over do anything when it comes to designing. They use solid backgrounds with least and simplest graphics possible. They like to keep things clean and simple yet sleek, smart and stylish. They have portrayed this simplicity even on there main page which looks really cool, super modern, futuristic and really beautiful.

Important Lessons taught by Apple to Web designers

2-No Flash

Apple is a NO FLASH device. In the beginning a lot of people viewed it as a problem, and complained. But Apple did not care to resolve it and I think they did the right thing. Flash keeps on crashing every now and then. It is buggy and almost of no use now. So if there is no Flash, I think it’s the right thing and web designers should also learn this. Even according to Adobe, Flash is about to meet its end (check: pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2396094,00.asp for further information)

Important Lessons taught by Apple to Web designers

3-Clean Layouts

Apple pages use basic grid for the layout. This helps to create clean and simple columns to hold a huge amount of information with out running into other or cluttering the page. This one is a “should learn” lesson for every web designer in order to create some really awesome and smart pages. Like Apple you can also line all your top categories in the border with drop down menu and put other things in side by side columns with headers. This will give your page an elegant and professional look.

4-Maintain your site properly

Try to keep a regular check on your site for broken links, alignment issues, testing usability, keeping up with social media associated with your website and also updating information. Apple has dedicated a whole department for this, and I must say it’s a really good thing to do. The social media updates will help you get even more visitors and traffic.

5-Cater the target audience humbly

Always remember whom you are catering, who your target audience is. This should always be in your mind while designing only then you can come up with the best design. A design which help you tell your audience better what products you offer, or how your product is better and more functional than other. Remember the site is not for you but for the visitor.

Bottom Line

Hope you will find the article interesting. If there are any more points which I have forgot to mention pleas mention them below in comment box for other readers too. Good day!

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