The Personal Touch for Business Success

As commerce moves online, it suffers from the problem all kinds of online interactions have. Communicating with people online lacks the personal touch. When your whole business is merely words and pictures on a screen, customers don’t know who you are. They may not be sure who they can trust with their business.


One way you can improve your conversion rate is to add some of the personal touch back into your online business. You may not be able to reach out and shake a customer’s hand, but you can include several things on your site which help you to make a more personal connection with your customers.

Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Videos

When it comes to showcasing your products or services, having a polished presentation matters. But when discussing how to increase conversion rate, it can also help to show your customers that you’re only human, too. Include a few images of the behind-the-scenes work of your business, either via static photos or by videos. Give your customers a glimpse of your offices, warehouse, or shipping rooms. Give your employees a chance to shine, by giving them faces and names on your website. Showing customers the real people behind your business makes them feel more connected to it. It can reassure them that you are above-board. Showing great camaraderie among your team makes customers want to connect with your business.

Use Video to Demonstrate Products

If you can’t meet your customers in person, showing them video may be the next best thing. If you post videos of yourself or your staff demonstrating and talking about your products, you will both give customers great information about your products and help them to feel personally connected to your company. Such videos don’t need to be long or complicated. A basic level of quality is needed, but you don’t need a huge investment in equipment or expertise to produce small videos for your website. You don’t need to be a professional actor, either. Just let your own enthusiasm for your business and your products come through. Post helpful tidbits or reviews about your products, and customers will be more likely to buy. Give your customers some fun behind-the-scenes footage, and even include some outtakes of things that didn’t go quite right. You’ll put a smile on their faces and leave them with a positive feeling about your company.

Live Chat

Many websites are starting to offer live chat features to their customers. This is a clear parallel to staff in brick-and-mortar stores who are ready and willing to answer questions or help you find what you need. The function of live chat is the same. If customers have questions or any uncertainty about your products, having someone answer their questions personally and immediately may be all it takes to convince them to buy.

Shopping online will never be exactly like shopping in person, but websites have their own unique advantages that bring customers back again and again. By adding a few personal touches to your online store, like videos, behind-the-scenes views, and live chats, you can give your customers the best of both worlds.


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