40+ Photographs of Unique Choppers and Bobbers

If you look with the technicality of it a Bobber can be defined as a motorcycle that has all parts of it not contributing to speed removed. On the contrary it was some time later that somewhere in the 1950?s, some boys started chopping the frame and to modify the rake of the front fork and here the Chopper came into existence.

However, at the West Coast a modified bike is called a Chopper and at the East coast the same bike is called a Bobber. Anyhow, there had been a long history of these modified bikes. Even if you take any motorbike of today and take off all the components not contributing to its speed you have created a bobber. Hence, anyone can modify their bikes into bobbers and thus there is a rich diversity of unique photographs of these choppers and bobbers available for us to be entertained by.
There are many agreed upon different kinds of these e.g. evo and twin cam big twin bobbers. Flathead bobbers, knucklehead bobbers, panhead bobbers, iron head bobbers, shovelhead bobbers.
Prepare to be startled!

A Harley Davidson chopper with black mud color, with each and every part installed in it perfectly . On the top of it all the V-ROD engine that makes this Harley Davidson, a chopper.


A chopper of a purple metallic color, Hollow rims, Disk brakes and the same V-ROD that gives the bike perfect speed despite this extended body and variant shape.


A chopper of a deep black metallic color, that comes with extra deep cuts in its rare tire. With an extra elevation at the fuel tank and a real deep curve for the seat and rare tire, makes this chopper an astounding inspiration.


An old Harley Davidson chopper with a light blue mud color on its fuel tank and side cover and deep mud black color on the base of its body with less chrome used on it, this one too having deep cuts in its tires, with extra width on both rare and front along with its very basic parts installed perfectly.


This is a monster chopper with the same V-ROD engine with the air exhaust used in between engine joint make it run faster than others And with the extra slanted handle rod, this ride provides maximum grip and comfort to the rider.


Another old Harley Chopper with golden yellow color, and with a straight wide handle with the same old styled body; having a fuel tank joint with basic body by just 2 rods with the same V-ROD engine that gives this monster the required speed to make this speedy .


A heavy weighted yet dull colored monster with all its parts perfectly laid out and fitted in their perfect places. The same traditional V-ROD engine provides this heavy monster with the required speed that choppers are famous for.


This chopper has an Extra elevated handle that gives this bike a traditional Harley look. With a back seat fit for two; and with a half cut silencer attached to V-ROD engine providing this chopper with extra boost to leave other bikes behind.


An old beast with a small yellow colored fuel tank and extra elevated handle with an old seat and old jumps installed. Chrome work is hidden behind the Black mud colored basic body with an exhaust fire silencer.


This multicolored monster has some extra distance between seat and the handle because of the extra large size of its fuel tank. With a perfectly shining V-ROD engine with chrome work largely visible on it.


This chopper has a black metallic color with the same traditional V-ROD engine but the secret of its superior speed is an extra performance part of this bike , this part being a slanted air exhaust planted between the V of the engine .


The green metallic colored monster comes with some extra support to the handle and the engine room; With some prominent Chrome work on it. Double silencer attached to the V-ROD engine, and with an air exhaust installed between the engine rods.


This extra weighted Chopper has a body with an extra width, this shape provides grip and support to the ride and comfort to the rider. This ride has a V-ROD engine which provides this ride the maximum required speed after all parts installed in with precision.


This red-metallic headed monster has a perfect shape with that extra length that bikers dream of. It comes with a bonus of visible chrome work on the handles, tire rod and silencer. It has an air intake installed just beneath the engine room, as to avoid the ride from heating up .


A shining black ride with an extra width providing the base and support for the chopper, with an air intake and an air filter installed in its engine room along with some extra performance parts installed too .


A chopper with a complete shape and an extra elevated handle that gives the traditional Harley look to the bike with the extra wide mud guard that increases the weight of this monster .


A black chopper beauty with some beautiful and visible chrome work on the engine , the engine room and chain cover . Installed with an Air intake on the left side of engine room .


This ride is painted in red metallic color with flames vinyl installed with air intake and exhaust installed just under the gear shifting pedal. Also the double silencers are connected to one silencer; going through the engine room this technique provides yet again extra speed to this chopper

This black beast has fire vinyl installed with a single sit capability. This chopper has double sling shot engine with extra length added to its body.


The Harley chopper in black metallic color , and with the complete company assembled engine room and body giving it the most decent look .


The perfect Harley bobber in red metallic color : With only bare neccestities , that is the crucially needed parts installed in it, this picture clearly shows that front mud guard , chain cover ,engine supporter and turn indicators are removed.
The ride of a rider!


An old Harley bobber perfectly designed with the un-necessary parts removed to decrease the weight, and in turn giving the ride more speed, a boost and shoot .


The picture clearly depicts that this bobber is perfectly designed to have low weight. The chain cover is removed and the seat and the fuel tanks are just installed on the base of the structure with a small handle.


This bobber has the lowest weight and the highest speed, only the main parts are installed on this bike, only the ones that are used to start and ride it. The basics are its handle, a low weighted seat with a light weighted engine room.


This Harley bobber has in it a V-ROD engine that provides it with a great speed to ride. The main thing is that the un-necessary parts are removed with an extra elevated handle that gives the ride a Harley look.


This Bobber do not have turn indicator installed. Even the engine room is removed the engine is depending on the light weighted rod. With the air intake installed that provide a great speed to the ride

This Monster is painted in mud black color, with an extra elevation given to the fuel tank and extra depth to the seat that provides this ride with a Harley look. Body only has the most important parts installed so the ride stands proudly in the ‘Bobber’ category.


Blue metallic painted monster with fire vinyl. This bobber monster has a clearly visible air exhaust and filter installed in between the engine rod with an extra slanted tire rod .


This ride is spotted at the best bobber designing showroom. The fuel tank has yet again an extra elevation with only crucially important parts installed with an extra slanted tire rod .


This red colored beast has a body with an extra depth and length that provide this bobber with a strong base and a strong grip .Even the silencers are cut from the half to reduce the weight.


This ride has some extra chrome work on the body because chrome work reduce the weight of the rides and in some cases even the engine, the engine is just planted on two basic rods giving the ride a reason why the ride in counted as a bobber.


This ride does not have any air intake or exhaust installed even the indicators are removed from the ride .The ride is painted in black mud and the chain covers are also removed , the best part of this bobber is that the pocket covers are also removed to reduce the weight .


An old but gold of a bobber. This ride has a light weighted engine because it has a single rod engine with light weighted tires that have tire drums painted in black metallic.


This bobber is painted in purple metallic color and given an extra length. The width of the body for e.g Fuel tank, Seat ,Mud cover and silencers are compressed to provide this bobber a low weighted body.


This bobber has a red metallic body with a low weighted engine room .Even the mud guards are cut in to half and the engine room does not have any other extra performance part installed.


The monster just has a small fuel tank and a small seat with a V-ROD engine . Even the chain and spocket covers are removed and the parts are clearly visible in this picture.


This bobber has a small dent compressed fuel tank with a real small seat, fit for one. With the basic engine installed in an old Harley body that provides the ride extra speed on account of its less weight.


This ride has an extra elevated fuel tank with a beautiful structure. The handle has an extra depth towards the rider’s seat that provide this low weighted bobber a comfortable and great grip.


This bobber ride has a basic Harley shape with a compatible rim design and less weighted tires. The engine room consists of some extra performance gadgets but that does not matter, the weight is light because the ride has a single shot engine.


The body of this monster bobber is completely modified, only the engine room has the same structure and weight. All other parts are modified and redesigned in the showroom; this ride has a low weighted structure and an extra slanted tire rod.


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