Smart Phone Apps for Freelancers

Smart Phone Apps for Freelancers to Always Keep Busy Working

Just bought a Smartphone? You are probably going to need some apps. The best thing about having a Smartphone is that you have plenty of options when it comes to applications of all categories. And if a Smartphone fails to satisfy you with its built-in apps…you can easily download new apps!

Smartphone App Store keeps on flooding the internet world with new fun and cool apps every now and then, I do not remember a day when a new app is not introduced since the day Smartphone came in market. We have been publishing a number of applications related posts for our users, and today again we have an awesome post related to Smartphone application for you all. The smartphone is already quite popular with breathtaking, easy to use, powerful and attractive features. Showcasing below is a list of Mobile Apps for Freelancers to Always Keep Busy Working. Enjoy!


Focus Time

It is a very useful app in freelancing era. Through this app you set up the focus zones, where you can set a specific number of minutes or seconds to do work on a task. Break option is also given in that app which is available in a menu setting to apply the time-break in between session.

Focus Time


Google provide the Gmail iOS app which is free provided to the users. Anyone can access through their Gmail account to avail the services anywhere in the world on their smartphone. Google Mail app provides a great benefit to the freelancers who want to need a quick response to their managers, clients and other possible members.


Go Tasks

It is another app provided by Google which is also free. This app includes into Google task list, in which you can set up schedules for completion form each day.


Go Docs

GoDocs is another great app of Google. This app provides a custom interface for creating and editing in documents just like word doc and spreadsheets. It is a premium application (means not free available) you want to use that app then you will purchase it.



Many Media agencies are using Basecamp for perfuming the task and manage the team collaboration. But the Basecamp developers have not introduced a mobile app or mobile website. We are found Lodge this is a great solution to use this on your iOs Device (iPhone or iPad).


ClouDrop for Cloud app

In the market, Dropbox may be the largest players for cloud storage, but one of my favorite Cloud app. It is a great app for a freelancer to share data easier between computer.

And now what should you do when you have photos and documents on your smartphone and need to onto your desktop?  Hmm the greatest app we have found is Cloudrop to for you which connects to you with CloudApp

ClouDrop for Cloudapp


The freelance transferring money through a various channel inside Paypal. Paypal iOS app a nice way to connect with the website. And also this app much more secure and this app is published by Paypal themselves.



CardMunch is a very great and unique app this App is connected to you with the Linkedin social network. This is the best way to share your products and ideas to with new people, and also swap contact details.



Final Thoughts

There are more other applications we have not listed here. This article to general guidance for freelancers they are just getting start with smartphone applications to Always Keep Busy Working.

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