A user is not a technical person like web designer or developer is. He does not know the technical way around and is always looking for simple, sorted and easiest way to use the website. But the major trouble for a designer is that he has to maintain a balance between both the impressive looks and designs and usability. He is compelled to design a website which is a combination of appealing designs and simplicity. This sure is an infuriating dilemma but the designer should not risk comprehensiveness and usability of the website at any cost. So today I have compiled a list of 7 easy steps which can help designer to improve its usability without risking the professional looks.

1-Good And Easy Navigation

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Any website can not be designed on one single page, it is imperative that flow from one page to another comes as naturally as possible. So the continuity and the consistency in the designs of the pages should remain intact. Even if it is necessary to change the design of page, then it should be such which gives the sense of being evolved from the previous page. In short I would say if you are spending time on designing pages then you should also give some time on linking them with each other too.
The information provided should give a feel of being woven in one single thread. So the design of the website should not be intimidating, especially that of the homepage; rather it should simple yet creative. All the important pages should be linked so that the users do not face any hindrance while using the website and cam move smoothly through the website.

2-The Right Tagline

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Website’s Usability

The present times demand the products to be marketed in an effective way, and this is easily possible by having a creative and witty tag line. A number of people actually think that a tag line is not important while designing a website but let me tell you the truth that a tag line is equally important as the logo is. A number of people use a clichéd tag line but that is where the problem comes in, that is, a tag line is a brand recognizing slogan so it should be different for each brand. So in order to register your website in the minds of the target audience you should come up with a unique and attention grabbing website tagline. A creative, crisp and well crafted has more chances of influencing the psychological force ruling the minds of users and torching their psyche enough to influence them to consider the website at least for once.

3-Site Search Option

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Users usually see search option as an ultimate guide to scan through the website and reach straight to their desired page. Most of the time the user is in hurry and do not have time to loiter around on the site before reaching their destination. Thus, the website designers should include a site search option in their designs.
A good search option gives the ultimate freedom to the users to scan through the web site and reach wherever you want in no time. This is a sure and secure shortcut which a user always looks upon before searching the website for desired destination.

4-Less Flash And Heavy Graphics

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Using flash for smooth and tranquilizing website seems to be a tempting option, but then it has some adverse effects too, like bad performance and longer loading time.
In order to make the web site user friendly and effective all those option which make the browsing slow should be avoided, as they are one of the major factors through which you can loose visitors. These cause delay in loading of a website.
Surely, flash and other heavy graphics can make the look of website really astonishing and eye catching but then they makes the website slow and you might loose your visitors and am sure none of the website owner would like that.

5-Site Map

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Website’s Usability

This is one of the most professional and systematic way of organizing your website. This site map helps you provide synopsis or quick review of your website to the users. Using site map a visitor can get the idea of what the website has in store in just a glimpse, and trust me users really appreciate this as it will save their time.
By providing the site map to your users, you are showing a combination of logical and architectural organization of the website. They are also a tool of providing a very clear and concise picture of the website to all the visitors.

6-Content the backbone of website

6 Easy Steps to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Content is the core of any website. Your website would be of no use or will not get traffic if it does not have a right or relevant content in it. Most of the time it is viewed as the guarantee by the visitors, that the website holds some great information and that the users can trust it. So good and informative content is really important and if it is styled in a perfect manner then it adds glitz the spark.

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