20 Amazing Add-ons For Google

If you are also one of those who like Google chrome’s speed and memory status, but are unable to fully switch to it from Firefox because of lack of extensions, then do not worry. Solution or I must say solutions to your problem are here!!

Firefox has definitely been ahead of Google chrome since quite a while. But now Google chrome has shown an increased share in market over last two years or so because of its terrific and amazing extensions or commonly called add-ons.

Google chrome according to me is a great browser, and the best thing about it according to me is the easiness of installing and uninstalling the extensions on it. So below I have listed 20 amazing Google chrome add-ons. They include different types of add-ons which according to me covers almost all categories or all fields.

Note: I would recommend you to try and install most or all of them as installing and uninstalling them does not take much time.

List of 20 amazing Google chrome add-ons


This displays the links and embedded style sheets of the current page in a new tab and also reloads the page while doing it

so you need not to reload the page for each time it changes. It also disables the CSS for the current page.

Amazing Add-ons For Google

2-Web of Trust (WOT)

This is really a helpful add-on. It warns you about the websites or pages which are at security threats. These ratings of WOT

are trust worthy as they are powered by a global community of millions of trustworthy users. WOT shows the reputation of

website when you search the web using Google, Yahoo or any other search engine.

Amazing Add-ons For  Google

3-SG Plus

If you are using Google+, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time then this is add-on or extension is for you. This will

add Facebook and Twitter stream to your Google+ account. Not only this you can share anything to your Google+, Facebook and

Twitter at the same time! Now that is what I call awesome plus time saving…..no?

Amazing Add-ons For Google

4-Auto Replay for YouTube

Well I think name says it all in this case. I need not to say more, I think this is the feature which a lot of people out

there are looking for ages and is still not available on YouTube, but do not worry, Google Chrome has an extension for it.

This is great for songs!

Amazing Add-ons For  Google

5-After the Deadline

This is a great add-on. If you are running short of time for re-reading what you have written for correcting style, grammar

and spellings then this is your tool. This powerful Google Chrome add-on spell checks EVERYTHING in the browser.

Amazing Add-ons  For Google

6-Aviary Screen Capture

This is a must have for both web designers and bloggers. It takes quick screenshots from any webpage and helps you edit it

directly in your browser. Also provides convenient access to Aviary website and tools.

7-Shareholic for Google Chrome

This add-on helps you save time and enhance your productivity. Using this add-on you can share links WITHIN the browser, from

any webpage and with anyone using same services you already know.

Amazing Add-ons For Google

8-Resolution Test

It add-on helps designers to check their website in different resolutions ad also give you option to define your own


Amazing Add-ons For  Google

9-IE Tab

This is an amazing add-on. Using this add-on or extension you can view your internet explorer pages in Google Chrome tab.

This especially helps you view those websites which can only be viewed on internet explorer. So now you can switch completely

to Google chrome!

Amazing Add-ons For Google

10-goo.gl URL Shortener

This goo.gl URL Shortener helps you shorten your current website URL.

Amazing Add-ons For  Google


Now this is a great ad-on for all the web designers, developers, image editors and bloggers. By adding this extension to your

Google Chrome toolbar you can directly edit your image here. It comes with complete set of tools from basic fixes to

professional effects.

Amazing Add-ons For Google


If you get deviated esily then this extension is for you. By using this you can restrict all the websites you think wastes

your time while working. Once the allotted time is finished the website are blocked for the rest of the day and you can stay

focused on your work easily.

Amazing Add-ons For  Google


This add-on is again very useful for all the web designers. Using this you can quickly share photos, text, videos and a lot

more. This supports a number of tumblr accounts editing before publishing, dashboard update notifications.

Amazing Add-ons For  Google


Amazing Add-ons For Google

15-The Lorem Ipsum Generator

Amazing  Add-ons For Google

16-Google Mail Checker

Amazing Add-ons  For Google

17-jQuery API Browser

Amazing Add-ons  For Google


Amazing Add-ons For Google

19-Time Machine

Amazing Add-ons For  Google

20-EZ Zoom

Amazing Add-ons For Google

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