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WordPress Video Tutorials

30+ WordPress Video Tutorials

There are more than thousand of Word-press video tutorials on the web. But to choose the best from them is a bit difficult, so I have compiled a list of Best Word-press Video Tutorials. I have compiled video tutorials because it is easier to learn from video tutorials than from…

WordPress Typography Plugins

25+ WordPress Typography Plugins

WordPress is the most popular and common blogging way to interact with bloggers, and get maximumof your target audience. The best thing about it is that you can find a many plugins, whether you wantto change the basic text or something advance, you will always find a plugin.

wordpress seo plugins

20+ WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, the only way to make your website visible, popular and increase ranking on web, via natural i.e. organic means. SEO is the only essential way to make your blog or website to appear high in the search results. And if you are using WordPress as…

Food and Drink WordPress Themes

10 Delicious Food and Drink WordPress Themes

Have you ever met a person who is completely indifferent to delicious food? I could say it’s not so easy to meet such a person nowadays. Everybody has his or her own favorite dish. Children are crazy about sweets, some of us like healthy food and some – fast food,…

Social Bookmarking Plugins

30+ Social Bookmarking Plugins For WordPress

The main purpose of blogging is to reach out to masses and share your thoughts and opinion about a specific topic or having a website of your firm is to attract a huge number of visitors and that is easily possible by social networking websites like Delicious, digg, Facebook, Twitter,…

WordPress Breadcrumb

9 Useful WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins for Smoother Navigation

There is no denying the fact that Navigation is an important element of a blog design as without an effective navigation path, a user may feel lost. A smooth navigation helps enhancing the usability of a site as it allows them to find the required information. Providing the right support…

Ecommerce Themes

30+ WordPress Ecommerce Themes

WordPress now, is not only a blog platform, but also a CMS today and this is the main reason it is gaining popularity among e-commerce space. It is pretty hard to find a decent, classy and a professional looking WordPress e-commerce theme. These themes are available in all shapes and…

Contact Form Plugins

30+ WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Having a contact page on your website is very important, especially if it is an online business. You need to b accessible when your clients or potential advisors need to contact you. This is the page which bridges the gap between you and your clients. This page helps you get…