10+ Useful Tools To Find The Perfect Color Palette

When designing a website or any other printed media a whole array of elements are vital to the overall look and feel of the project, if any of these aspects are incorrect or poorly thought out the project can suffer. Color is one of these important parts of design. When choosing color your initial reaction is “do these colors work together?” after that you have to consider things like accessibility. There are a number of online tools that can assist you with putting together a great palette. In this post we did gather more than 10 most useful such tools that can help you with color selection, suitability and accessibility for your web and graphic design projects.

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1. Check My Colours

Check My Colours

This site checks the colours used on your site and discovers how accessible it is to users with any colour deficits.

2. Pictaculous


Pictaculous allows you to upload an image and the site fetches a colour palette from the colours used in the uploaded file.

3. Daily Color Scheme

Daily Color Scheme
Each day this site provides its readers with a fresh colour scheme each day which can be saved and downloaded to your own machine in multiple files formats.

4. 4096 Color Wheel

4096 Color Wheel
You can use the wheel to discover web safe colours for your project, you can also download your palette once compete.

5. I Like Your Colors

I like your colors
I Like Your Colors grabs the colours used by the site that referred you or you can enter a URL in the form on page to see the colours for a particular URL.

6. Kuler

Adobe Kuler
This well know Abode tool has a huge collection of user generated pallets which you can download, you can also sign up and add your own.

7. Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers
Colour Lovers is a community driven haven for colour lovers everywhere, there are over 300k users sharing over 1 million palettes.

8. 100 Random Colors

100 Random Colors
Does what it says on the tin, offers you 100 random colours, each page reload will offer you 100 new colours.

9. Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer
This offers the ability to select your own colours from a wheel and save them into your own palette.

10. Colorotate

Browse and create your own palettes using a slick 3D “wheel”, it has numerous options such as blend, hue and tint.

11. ColorSpire

ColorSpire uses a colour wheel to offer a scheme for colour co-ordinating your webpage layout.

12. ColorJack

Color Jack
Using the huge sphere you can make your own palette which can be exporting to Illustrator and Photoshop for example.

13. ColorBlender

Color Blender
This is an online tool for matching and blending your palettes, it can work from one colour and offer suitable matches.

14. ColorHunter

ColorHunter will discover colours used in online images or uploaded images which then are placed into your favourites for later use.

15. 0to255

0 To 255
This easy to use tool will discover variations of a certain colour, which can be handy when using for gradients and borders.

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