15+ Amazing jQuery Typography Plugins

Amazing jQuery Typography Plugins

Typography is crucial element in modern web design as you depends on font size, color, type you can create successful website or one more rubbish homepage that no one will visit. Improving and manipulating web design typography has been one the hardest challenge for many web designers. We advice you to check some of our showcase of good typography examples in web design. Typically designers and developers creates web design typography with style-sheets CSS but… maybe that is old style way of coding. Now jQuery can make magic. There are special jQuery typography plugins that can create fantastic effects with your text.

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30+ High-Quality Sans Serif Fonts For Clean Designs

High-Quality Sans Serif Fonts For Clean Designs

Every now and again I take a look around to select the best free fonts all over the web (at least I try to do it). In this roundup I’ve collected some great Sans Serif Fonts that could help you in your web (and graphic) projects.

I really like elegance and readability of this kind of fonts when they are used properly and to improve the harmony of the design.

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40 Amazing Examples of Colorful Typography

Colorful Typography

One thing that most designers and creative minds have in common is the ability to feel inspired by looking at other people’s work. Many different types of design even interact with each other and use similar styles. This time we’re going to have a look at something that for many is a great inspirational source: Typography. Typography is a wide term that includes everything from the layout of old printed books, signs, ads and even digital art.

Where typography in the past was something used to front content it has today grown into an art-form of it’s own. Sometimes typography has a clear message and many times designers use strong words or quotes accompanied by a certain type of letters. Other times the word(s) included are more or less random and the strong use of different effects is the meaning behind it.

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40+ Best New Free Fonts for your Designs

Free Fonts

Fresh Free Fonts pop up every now and then; to make your webs’ content striking, eye-catching and easy to read by the visitors. And as a result today we have a stream of fonts to pick from for our web. You can use free fonts if you are not a professional designer and want to use the font only once or twice or you can buy them as well if you design web pages professionally, so that you can use the font any time you desire. However choosing the right kind of font for your web page is the most important task. As it helps you interpret your message to the visitor and at the same time giving your web a great look.

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