25+ Super Sexy Female Vampire Photos

Super Sexy Female Vampire Photos

Creative photography plays a large part in web design and the use of photography as a central focus is becoming more and more widespread. Huge photo background is web design trend that is very effective. Good photography can create a great central focus and help convey your message. The best part is, you can adjust photos based on holidays such as Halloween!

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20 Famous Bridges Around The World

Famous Bridges Around The World

Bridge builders and designers have always tried to exceed current technology by making their new bridge bigger, longer, taller, etc.

When a new bridge is constructed and is the biggest, tallest, longest, newest…. it will only remain so for a few years – another new bridge will always come along to break its record.

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35 Beautiful Japan Photographs Collections

Beautiful Japan Photographs Collections

Japan also popularly known as the “land of the rising sun” is one of the most sought after destinations of the travel enthusiasts. This archipelago presents before the visitors a stark contrast between the traditional and contemporary culture. The resilience and ‘never give up’ spirit of the Japanese people has led this country to stand on its feet even after being devastated by the tsunami or violent earthquakes. And with that strong yet warm spirit, the citizens of this nation will welcome you to their country.

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30+ Beautiful Under Construction Pages For Your Inspiration

Under Construction Pages

When your website in under maintenance or construction, it is always good to create a beautiful ‘Under Construction Page’ for visitors to inform them that your website is under maintenance or construction.Under construction page is basically a single page website that will Update your users about progress and several other common functions during the building process of your site. Normal features include a newsletter sign up, some kind of percentage graph, and social media integration.Therefore today i collect 30 beautiful and well designed under construction pages from deviant art, flickr and other resources for your inspiration.

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