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Wix Logo Maker is the Best Online Logo Creation Tool Out There

Wix Logo Maker is the Best Online Logo Creation Tool Out There A very important part of doing business is branding, and a logo plays a very important role in branding. Think about all the iconic logos that you see in your daily life. One look and you already know the business without even having to read its name. However, …

40+ Brilliant Free Fonts For Logo And Web Designers

There are some amazing new font foundries on the design scene who are doing some brilliant work and making it available to designers and developers everywhere for next to nothing. The release of a new font or font family sees the release of a free weight, a trending practice that garners no complaints from anyone. As designers and purveyors of …

The Perks of Incorporating QR Codes into Your Logo

Although QR codes are no longer experiencing the explosive growth they did in 2011, they are still holding strong with smartphone owners, according to The smartphone demographic is still widely the domain of younger professionals and technology savvy students, meaning that through ownership of one device you can target an extremely specific and lucrative demographic. Combining your company logo …

Best Logo Design Inspiration Galleries

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, And one of the most difficult to perfect. Logo is the main and most important thing of company identity, That’s why company wants their logo that represents their identity perfectly. But its not easy for designers to show the company identity in small image and they needs some inspirations to design …

Logo Design Inspiration of 2010

Logo Design Inspiration 2010: In this post we shared some of the best logo designs that will be trend in 2010. So grab ideas for you new projects, but do not copy fully. Follow the new ideas of branding. Please follow and like us: