Top 13 Design Inspiration of PSD to XHTML Services

PSD to XHTML Services

Following is the list/design showcase of top companies which provide PSD to XHTML services. PSD to XHTML services was introduced for busy designers to handover to XHTML companies to code their designs into clean XHTML in reasonable prices. Here we have listed clean web2.0 design showcases websites of PSD to XHTML companies.

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25+ Super Sexy Female Vampire Photos

Super Sexy Female Vampire Photos

Creative photography plays a large part in web design and the use of photography as a central focus is becoming more and more widespread. Huge photo background is web design trend that is very effective. Good photography can create a great central focus and help convey your message. The best part is, you can adjust photos based on holidays such as Halloween!

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30+ Examples of Large Photography in Web design

Examples of Large Photography in Web design

The art of photography is one of the most communicative mediums of the modern society and it has many uses for business, science and art. Over the last years the development of digital photography has allowed a large use of photos also in Web Design.
The last trends in the art of making good websites show a wide use of large photos to improve the harmony of the page.

Some SEO experts can tell you that large websites will harm you SERP rank and Google will block you, but I do not agree with that. Large not optimized image definitely will slow down your website speed and you can loose your visitors, but nowadays are so many ways how to make even large images smaller in size that only that isnt fact why you must no to use it in your design. Large images will make more focus on your website idea, images talk more that text, people understand images much better that text, therefore I encourage you to use large photos in web design.

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40 Amazing Examples of Colorful Typography

Colorful Typography

One thing that most designers and creative minds have in common is the ability to feel inspired by looking at other people’s work. Many different types of design even interact with each other and use similar styles. This time we’re going to have a look at something that for many is a great inspirational source: Typography. Typography is a wide term that includes everything from the layout of old printed books, signs, ads and even digital art.

Where typography in the past was something used to front content it has today grown into an art-form of it’s own. Sometimes typography has a clear message and many times designers use strong words or quotes accompanied by a certain type of letters. Other times the word(s) included are more or less random and the strong use of different effects is the meaning behind it.

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