20 Best HTML5 Free Templates

HTML5 Free Templates

HTML5 has came a long way ahead of Flash now in almost every field. Created in 1990 HTML has never thought of a U-turn or turning back!! Its latest version is HTML5. HTML5 defines the fifth major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web. This HTML5 is changing web work and trends, … Read more

20+ HTML5 Templates

HTML5 Templates

HTML5 is now changing the web trends. It is the new and update version of hyper text markup language commonly known as HTML. Many people think that it is better than flash because animation made in HTML5 is easy to load and gives good results. Today i have compiled list of best website templates that … Read more

HTML5 WordPress Themes

HTML5 Wordpress Themes

HTML5 is the new version of HTML and wordpress is very common content management system. Many developers uses HTML5 features when developed wordpress themes. Today i have compiled list of that wordpress-HTML5 themes 1- Visual HTML 5 WordPress Theme Demo Download 2- Nitro WordPress Theme Demo Download 3- HTML5 WordPress Theme Demo Download 4- Darkslider … Read more