25 Geek Pumpkins Ideas to Make Halloween Fun

Geek Pumpkins Ideas to Make Halloween Fun

Have you found the perfect pumpkin yet? These guys have and they are showing off their love for all things geeky by carving out some sweet geeky pumpkin designs. These awesome pumpkin carvings seem to span the entire geek universe all the way from CSS to Star Trek and beyond!

Check out these pumpkin designs while I go find some for myself and let us know which ones are your favorite in the bunch. Please link to any other geeky ones you find in the comments and show off your own.

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20 Hot Valentine’s Gifts For Designers And Geeks

Gifts For Designers And Geeks

Is it too late to share some interesting finds for Valentine’s Day? I think not. I love seeing what is out there for special occasions, especially gifts that cater to the inner geek. Admit it, there is a little bit of geekiness in you! It is, in me.  How else does one explain getting excited about fake lego jewellery or digital music on a USB stick that is camouflaged in a retro cassette tape package?

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