30 Instagram Filters Like Photoshop Actions

Instagram Filters Like Photoshop Actions0

Instagram filters are simple tools that can make you a millionaire. How? Really simple, by choosing cool effect filters you will make picture more attractive: more comments, shares, traffic = more money. The Instagram platform showcase your world to a very large audience. That means to boost followers, traffic to your accounts, you must think twice what to share there by adding only super awesome photos.

But at first what are filters and how they work. Basically filters are mini scripts, algorithms, pre-set path to add some build in features to an object. For example add some fog or blur. Filters are meant for non designers how aren’t familiar to close with Photoshop because you can create really fantastic effect with one click.

Some of the most popular Instagram filters are Clarendon, Juno, Sierra, and Valencia. Those who use Instagram know these filters very well so I will not describe each of them. Just in one word: they are awesome. But there is one but… These filters are available only on Instagram and sometimes you want to enhance picture to share with friends or to print it without sharing. For this you can use the old good friend: Adobe Photoshop – the best graphics editing tool.

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30 Premium Stylish Plugins for WordPress vs 30 Free Alternative

Premium Stylish Plugins for Wordpress vs 30 Free Alternative

WordPress basically is simple content managing system – clean and minimalistic, but … Out there are so many great possibilities how to change it to fancy complex website, booking system, forum, online store etc. WordPress plugins is one of the way how easily without coding knowledge to create stylish blog. No secret that contemporary good looking website attract more visitors therefore more income for web owners. That is why if you still didn’t modernize your blog we share the best stylish WordPress plugins (the best in 2017). There are no specific plugin category, we gather different type of plugins, so there are no duplicate, basically you can use all of them together and your blog will looks amazing. We collect menu, chat, gallery, social, slider and many other type of Premium plugins.

What we want in this article to do to make it different from other ones: for each paid Premium plugin we add free alternative plugin. Therefore in one place you have option to choose paid either free one. Keep in mind that free is good but sometimes these plugins are more heavy and often with less features, so you must think is it enough for you with these free functions. If not, choose Premium plugins for some charge.

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