15 Most Creative Mimimalist Watch Designs

Most Creative Mimimalist Watch Designs

Watch Design is very important if you want to be a stylish person. Nowdays more and more people use smartphone instead of the watch because in one device you have all and of course all watches functions, but…

Watch is not only for time. It is much more. It is sophisticated accessory that make first impression about you. If you are the businessmen your watch must cost at least half of you year salary, so if you want to make impression you must have well designed brand watch.

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25+ Creative Examples of Illustrated Website Footers

Creative Examples of Illustrated Website Footers

Website footer is on of the most important website element. But some web developers do not pay due attention to it because they don’t know why they need it. While space at the top is usually more important, you still don’t want to neglect the people who make it to the bottom of your website. A website footer gives you a chance to interact with visitors and help them navigate your website. If visitors scroll down to the footer that means that they something want to find on your website, they are interested in your website content. It is great place where to ask visitors to sign up for newsletter or to show another article. Well designed website footer can reduce website bounce rate if you can offer something useful for visitor that scrolled down till the end.

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Ribbons in Web Design: A Showcase

Ribbons in Web Design

Ribbons have become a recurring trend in web design. Although this trend probably won’t die for a while, I think it’s more obvious to designers than normal internet users that the trend is becoming more wide-spread. Simply searching “ribbon” on Dribbble brings up 840 results! In the following compilation, I collected some of the best … Read more

20 Excellent Single Page Web Design Inspiration

Single Page Web Design

Designing a single page website is not easy you have to put every thing you need in a single page that is a real challenge to your creativity. Today we have collected 20 excellent single page web designs for your inspiration with great use of colors, design elements and some good jquery effects.

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