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Test Your Code Online Through Top 15+ Websites

How about testing your codes snippets first before saving them for deployment? Modern web trends have made this testing very easy. Now you can have your websites codes tested beforehand to find out all the loop holes and you can make your website live smoothly. In this post I have a list of Test Your Code Online Through Top 15+ …

Best Apps To Free Download iPhone Alert Tones & Ringtones

So, bored of regular ding ding of your iPhone? Here is good news, now you can have your own personalized iPhone Alert Tones and ringtones….isn’t that great? Unfortunately iPhone’s iTunes Music mobile app charges around $0.99 (which according to me is a high price); but why pay that price when you can actually have your own alert tunes? Your own, …

30 Awesome Free Android Apps

Just bought an Android Smartphone? You are probably going to need some apps. As known by all, android is a mobile device having operating system and many other attractive key tools. The best thing about having an Android Smartphone is that you have plenty of options when it comes to Smartphone applications of all categories. And if Android fails to …

15 Mockup Design/Wireframe Design Tools

Planning a functional website is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and brain work; and then translating this vision (plan) into reality is another issue. A website should be such which is easy to use and visitors can easily interact with. So in order to make such website, designers need help from mock-up tools to evaluate …

20+ Best Android Ebook Readers

If you are using smartphone such as Android, Several Android ebook readers also available in market but only few of them are good.that’s why today we are giving you best Android ebooks readers through this list .so just check it out!!

Useful Tools for web developers

Like every mechanic needs a tool box, every web developer also needs tools to get there work done quickly, efficiently and effectively. None of the web developer today start making website development from the scratch. The most useful tools today available for developers on the web include, eBooks, Testing tools, Forms, CSS, Scripts, Add-ons etc. These tools help you increase …