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20 Useful Photoshop Custom Shapes

Photoshop is most important software in designers community. On web3mantra we have continuously posted articles and freebies related to photoshop. Today i have posted 20+ photoshop custom shapes for you. You can download these shapes from there and should use in your projects. It will really saves your time.

20 Best Google Web Fonts

Fresh Free Google Fonts pop up every now and then to make our web’s content striking, eye-catching and easy to read by the visitors. And as a result today we have a stream of free Google fonts to pick from for our web. So why buy the fonts which you use only once or twice while designing when you have …

25+ Essential Paint Splatter Brushes for Photoshop

The basic or the most important key or tool required by any designer are brushes. Without a perfect or appropriate brush a designer can do nothing. If the designer do not have the correct brush, then no matter how good the design is it is of no use. Even though Adobe Photoshop does comes with a general or basic package …

10+ Top Logo Design Contest Websites

Logo design contest sites are getting some serious business now a days. Individuals or companies who hold  contest/projects on contest sites get hundreds of logo design concepts from different and best designers around the globe, contest holder has to pick the best logo design from the submitted designs and the one selected logo is awarded to a designer with money …

30 Instagram Filters Like Photoshop Actions

Instagram filters are simple tools that can make you a millionaire. How? Really simple, by choosing cool effect filters you will make picture more attractive: more comments, shares, traffic = more money. The Instagram platform showcase your world to a very large audience. That means to boost followers, traffic to your accounts, you must think twice what to share there …

40+ iPhone 7 Wallpapers for Geeks And Developers

After each new iPhone 7 announcement we must search new iPhone wallpapers because you all know that each iPhone has different screen size. iPhone 7 wallpapers size is 750*1334. There where so many good tech wallpapers for iPhone 5 and next 6 version but that is past. Till the next version announcement we want to share some great iPhone wallpapers …

Free Clean Elegant InDesign Brochure Template

Adobe InDesign can be used to create outstanding brochures for any type of marketing materials. You can learn how to create marketing booklets by yourself using official Adobe InDesign tutorials but why to complex your life with learning Adobe tutorials if you need it only for some product brochures. This time our regular reader Patricia wanted to share here latest …

40+ Brilliant Free Fonts For Logo And Web Designers

There are some amazing new font foundries on the design scene who are doing some brilliant work and making it available to designers and developers everywhere for next to nothing. The release of a new font or font family sees the release of a free weight, a trending practice that garners no complaints from anyone. As designers and purveyors of …

30+ Vintage and Retro Wallpapers for your Desktop

Retro and vintage, though these two words have similar meaning, but the etymological meanings of these two words are not identical. The term vintage is used for referring to an object or style that belongs to a different period altogether. Whereas retro is used to refer to an object that is designed is an old fashioned way in the modern …

30+ High-Quality Sans Serif Fonts For Clean Designs

Every now and again I take a look around to select the best free fonts all over the web (at least I try to do it). In this roundup I’ve collected some great Sans Serif Fonts that could help you in your web (and graphic) projects. I really like elegance and readability of this kind of fonts when they are …