Photoshop – All Under One Hat!

Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing software package that can be used by experts and novices alike. Photoshop is used for editing images for Internet, print, and other new media disciplines. Serving since past five years it has been embraced by more than a million graphic artists, print designers, visual communicators, and regular people like you. Almost every picture you see around you (be that Book cover, magazine, poster, brochure or anything) is either created or edited by Photoshop. The powerful tools of Photoshop are not only capable of enhancing and editing pictures but they can also be used in the digital world including the infinite possibilities of the Internet.
So here I am writing a comprehensive article on this great graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated. This article will help you tighten your grip on this image editing magic wand.

-Photoshop Tutorials

1-Photoshop Custom Shapes Tutorials


Although most of us are used to more with using brushes when designing on Photoshop, but this is not the only tool for designing, if you do not have the right brush or want to add an edge to your design, then Photoshop Custom Shapes are the best thing for you. They are easy to use and you can edit it according to your requirements. These shapes are very different from brushes as they are created on vectors. These Photoshop Custom shapes save you a lot of time and energy. If you are in a middle of a task and do not want to pause or do not have time for designing then Photoshop Custom shapes are the solution!!

2-Photoshop Audio Tutorials


Audio tutorials are always better than being tutored by reading books. Among all the tutorials present on the web Photoshop tutorials are the most popular ones’ because of the complexity of the popular program. These Photoshop tutorials are very simple to understand and one can get tutored within minutes. The best thing about these Photoshop tutorials is that you can observe how it is done from scratch to the end! You can see how buttons, collages etc are created.

3-Tutorials For Amazing Effects


All the designers love those tutorials which help them learn more and more each day and especially if they are about Photoshop’s Amazing Effects. As known by all Photoshop is getting better and better with passage of each day and all the great new effects coming in each day. Your designing community really needs to be tutored. These amazing effects tutorials will give them direction to design more beautiful and attractive creative works.

-Photoshop Tips Tricks & Tools

1-Improving Color Balance


When a photo is shot, sometimes the colors do not come out the way you wish, perhaps too much red and not enough blue. With Photoshop, there is no need to retake the photo. By simply altering the color values you can see how the image has changed.



Using Photoshop levels, you can stretch the contrast of an image. The RGB (Red, Green and Blue) levels measure the darkness or lightness of a pixel. These three have their own levels as well, if you want to increase or decrease level of only one. Only thing to remember while using these is if you over do them….you will end up with a horrible picture. So use accordingly!



Another way to adjust light balance of your picture is by using curves. They help you enhance shadows by influencing the highlights, resulting in making your pictures PERFECT! However its excessive use of curves can also damage your picture.
(Combine the use of curves, levels, and lightening techniques, you can take almost any photo and make it useable)

4-Photoshop Layers


This gives you ability to divide your picture or artwork into layers. So that you can easily work on a specific part. Each layer on the Layers Palette marks off a different part of a picture. These layers may look tiresome in beginning but once you know hoe to use them you will know how helpful they actually are.



Modes help in placing the layers, one above the other. You can use these modes in combination with transparencies as well. There are several modes to choose from, so pick the best according to your picture.

6-Smoothing & Sharpening The Image


Using this you can also give your image a digital makeover. It takes a long time and expertise in re-touching your image. Again, over doing it will result your image in a mess. You re-touch your image part-by-part, which will first end your picture in a blur result, but then you can use the sharpen filter to bring the perfection back to your image!



This is your fast access to get some really cool effects. Again I would ask you not to over do it; else you will destroy your image. If you blend them in your image appropriately, you will get the best result. Some of these filters completely change your image while others only modify it minimally. Try experimenting with them.


Toolkit is always available in every version of Photoshop for you easy access to handy tools. Below is the list of tools with their functions but I assure you that only 10 of these are common used.

o Marquee Tool: Selection of items for deletion or moving
o Lasso Tool: Select a portion of an item to manipulate
o Magic Wand: Auto select a portion of an image with the same color
o Exacto Knife: Cut shapes
o Heal Tool: Used with cloning tool
o Brush Tool: For painting
o Clone Tool: Clones portions of the image to place elsewhere
o History Brush: Reverses last action in certain parts of the image
o Dodge Tool: Lighten a certain area
o Path selection tool: Select paths drawn by the pen

o Pen Tool: Draw paths, curves, etc.
o Polygon Tool: Draw vector shapes
o Notes Tool: Make notes
o Eyedropper: Selects color on an image
o Hand Tool: Move objects

(Move Tool, Blur Tool, Crop Tool, Text Tool, Eraser, Zoom Tool and Gradient Tool) all these are self explanatory.



Apart from above mentioned features of Photoshop there are some other feature of Photoshop as well which I am sure are known by all, such as reducing red- eye effect, lightening or darkening the image and using special effects. By using Photoshop you can do almost anything with your picture and make it PERFECT!

-Photoshop Brushes

If you do not have time to buy the right material and create your traditional style painting or design then sit back and relax as Photoshop has got some really cool brushes that can be used in your artwork. These brushes can be used for commercial and personal use both (depending upon the terms and conditions….of course!)
Even though Adobe Photoshop does comes with a general or basic package of brushes but as they are not enough and as new brushes comes in market a designer should keep him updated. Converting the idea or concept into an art work in the best possible manner is the main aim of every designer and this can easily be done using Adobe Photoshop brushes. Thanks to the great community of designers out there who constantly distributing and sharing their brushes, you can almost find brushes of any patterns these days. These Adobe Photoshop brushes can be used in designing almost any sort of picture, whether it is a nature-related picture or some torn, burned and cracked effects. These Adobe Photoshop brushes HAVE IT ALL!!
These brushes give a really cool, realistic and fresh look to your designs. These brushes can be used in almost every type of designs.. Luckily these brushes are already available on Photoshop and web, all designers have to do is to search for their required brush and USE it! And the best part is these brushes are really easy to use. These brushes can be used in graphic designs, paintings and for printing work too. These brushes are really great to be used on a variety of projects including software, online services, templates and themes.
My favorite is Paint Splutter Brushes. Splatter effects can make a big impact on a design. Splutter brushes include brushes like ink splatters, grunge splatters, blood splutter and many more. Few of them are for free while others are available for purchase.
BRUSHES are the basic or the most important key or tool required by any designer. Without a perfect or appropriate brush a designer can do nothing. If the designer do not have the correct brush, then no matter how good the design is it is of no use.

-Effects Of Photoshop

Photoshop can be really powerful in terms of photo editing. One of the ways to make your picture stand out from others is by using EFFECTS on them. There are many different types of effect of Photoshop available now. Even if you pick and use only one effect on your picture, it will still impress those who see it. Below I have added a list of Photoshop effects tutorials.
• Creating an Impactful Disco Party Poster
• Faded Pixels Photo Border Effect
• Vertical Photo Panels Effect
• Fairy Night
• Making of a Forest Magical Scene
• Iron Man View Interface Effect In Photoshop
• End of the World Photo Manipulation
• Awesome Digital Bokeh Effect In Photoshop
• Darklight manipulation
• Old movie effect
• Fade pixel stretch
• Splashing Water Text Effect
• Advanced Reflection Effect
• How To Make An Ice Sculpture
• Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial
• Photoshop Drawing A Fire Tutorial
• Text on Fire with Glossy Reflection
• Adding Flames and Effects to Make an Image with Impact
• Create a Spectacular Flaming Meteor Effect on Text
No matter how the image is originally using Photoshop you can do ANYTHING with you image, and make it look the way you want it to be. This Photoshop is no less then a magic wand for your images. You can do wonders if you exactly what and how to do some rally cool stuff with your pictures.

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