25 Page Transitions Effects Tutorials & jQuery Plugins

Page transitions effects like smooth scrolling, page animation or cool image effects can be done by specially created Jquery plugins, some simple JavaScript codes or with CSS3 styles.

Month by month CSS3 and Jquery transitions have become trend and commonly used in UI’s because with simple codes you can add special coll effects to your page that is light and easy to use.

To learn how to create page transition effects, to showcase the best page transition Jquery plugins (stand alone plugins, stylish WordPress plugins, Drupal plugin) and to share some good code snippets that you can use to add to your page cool scrolling and animation, we create this post.

In this post we gather 30 different examples about page transition effects starting with transition tutorials that will show you process how to create small and stylish effects, than we add some JavaScript snippets that you can easily copy to your webpage and lastly we add some the best page transition plugins. Happy reading.

Morphing Page Transition

Morphing Page Transition

A simple morphing page transition effect where an SVG path gets morphed into another while the current page moves up. The idea is to morph an SVG path while moving an intro page up, creating an interesting, flowy look.

Source | Demo

Animated page transitions with React Router 4, ReactTransitionGroup and Animated

Animated transitions React

In this tutorial you will learn how to animate your page transitions using lifecyrcle methods from ReactTransitionGroup and the Animated library.

Source | Demo

How to Create a Full Page Animated Transition

Full Page Animated Transition

Author was playing around with jQuery to figure out ways to replace the reload of a web page with an awesome animation that will surely blow the mind of the user without the use of plugin.

Source | Demo

Lovely, Smooth Page Transitions With the History Web API

Lovely Smooth Transitions

In this tutorial will build a website with beautifully smooth transitioning pages, without the usual aggressive page refresh. Navigate through the pages in the demo to see what I mean. To achieve this effect will use the History Web API. It allows to load a new URL, change the page title, then at the same time record it as a new visit in the browser without having to actually load the page.

Source | Demo

Creating a simple page transition using CSS and JavaScript

simple page transition

In this tutorial you will see transitions making an entrance (or exit for that matter) in all types of scenarios, one of them being while a page is loading. In this tutorial, lets see how to build a page transition using JavaScript and CSS3, and along the way admire the power of CSS3 transitions and keyframe animations in making the whole affair extremely lightweight.

Source | Demo

React Page Transition Animations

React Page Transition Animations

Page sliding transitions are actually fairly simple. How it works is that upon mounting the new page, the initial css state will have the page positioned either to the left or to the right of the current page, and then the new page will be transitioned into the current page through the horizontal transform property.

Source | Demo

A Collection of Page Transitions

Collection Page Transitions

A showcase collection of various page transition effects using CSS animations. Learn how to put together a couple of animations that could be applied to “pages” for creating interesting navigation effects when revealing a new page.

Source | Demo

Vertical Showcase Slider with jQuery and CSS Transitions

Slider Transitions

In this tutorial learn how to create a very simplistic and responsive product slider for an online store or a portfolio. The idea is to have different sections in a fullscreen view: the image or preview, a navigation and the description. When navigating through the items, the slide the preview section and the section with the description in opposite directions.

Source | Demo

Blur Menu with CSS3 Transitions

Blur Menu Transitions

There are so many great things we can do with the additional properties and possibilities that CSS3 brings along. In this tutorial learn how to experiment with text shadows and with transitions in order to achieve a blur effect that apply to a menu on hovering over the elements. The main idea is to blur the other items while enhancing the one we are currently hovering.

Source | Demo

CSS3 Transitions and Transforms From Scratch

CSS3 Transitions Transforms

This tutorial will take you back to the very basics. You will learn how to create some fundamental CSS3 transitional movements, step by step. To help understand the movement easily you will learn how to work on an axis grid (which you’ll probably recognize from basic math), using x and y coordinates to move our objects.

Source | Demo

Animated Page Transition

Animated Page Transition

A CSS powered animation, that replaces the refresh of the page while the content is updated using Ajax, using pushState method to manipulate the browser history.


Full Page Transition Animations with jQuery and CSS3 – Page Transition

Full Page Transition Animations

Page Transition is a super lightweight jQuery plugin for implementing smooth CSS3 powered full page transition animations within your HTML document.

Source | Demo

How to Use jQuery to Make Slick Page Transitions

Slick Page Transitions

Adding the final touches to a site can be the difference between a polished and beautiful site that looks “refined,” and a mediocre site that leaves no impression on visitors. jQuery, the versatile JavaScript library, can be leveraged to create all these fine tuned elements. In current tutorial learn how to use it to create elegant page transitions.

Source | Demo

Putting CSS Clip to Work: Expanding Overlay Effect

Expanding Overlay Effect

A tutorial about how to create a simple expanding overlay effect using the CSS clip property and CSS transitions. Explore the practical side of it a little bit more. Learn how to create a neat and simple effect for revealing some extra content and expanding a fullscreen overlay.

Source | Demo

Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions

Fullscreen Transitions

A simple responsive layout with some fancy page transitions. The idea is to show four items initially and expand them. Some additional page transitions are added for inner items. The layout shows four flexible boxes. When clicking on a box, it will expand to fullscreen and the others will scale down and fade out. When closing the current view, it will move back to the intial position while the other boxes come back up again.

Source | Demo

Medium-Style Page Transition

Medium Transition

An article on how to achieve Medium’s next page transition effect—an effect that can be seen by clicking anywhere on the “Read Next” footer at the bottom of the page. This effect is characterized by the lower article easing upward as the current article fades up and out.

Source | Demo

Page Transitions with CSS3

Transitions with CSS3

Learn how you can create single page website using JavaScript for some transitions effect, using CSS Transitions and the :target property to do all the magic.

Source | Demo

Smooth Single Page Transition Effects Using jQuery And CSS3

Smooth Single Transition

page.js is a jQuery plugin used to implement the smooth CSS3 based page transition effects on your one page website and single page web application. The plugin enables you to switch between pages with slide or flip animations using CSS3 transitions, transforms and perspectives.

Source | Demo

Transitions jQuery Plugins



A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.

Source | Demo

Votum Page Transition Plugin


An easy, small and lightweight Javascript plugin for page transitions / sliding pages on mobile websites.

Source | Demo



A simple, lightweight, and easy to use jQuery plugin which turns a single page into a collection of screens with animated navigation.

Source | Demo

Backbone Page Transitions


This is a small Backbone JS application that shows how we can animate views in Backbone JS. The animation effects have been generated using CSS3. The advantage of this application is that you need not to change anything in your views to apply the transition effect. This plugin only changes the way the viiews are rendered in the main application.

Source | Demo



barba.js is a small, flexible and dependency free library that helps you creating fluid and smooth transitions between your website’s pages. It helps reducing the delay between your pages, minimizing browser HTTP requests and enhancing your user’s web experience.

Source | Demo

Page Transition Drupal Plugin

Page Transition

Page Transition provides multiple Animation effect to your Drupal site. Show your pages with stylish transitions. This module helps you to add various page transitions to the Drupal pages by using jQuery Animsition plugin. Animsition is a simple and easy jQuery plugin for css animated page transitions.

Source | Demo

Page Animations And Transitions – WordPress Plugin

Page Animations Transitions

Page Animations And Transition that is available for free to use. This Plugin has multiple Animation and css3 transition Effect . Using this plugin your WordPress page will be load with effective animation styles.

Source | Demo

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