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GoPro Cameras – Capture your World

GoPro is a camera manufacturing company in America, it also be named as GoPRO. It also develops its own smartphone apps and videos editing software services. By using these GoPro camera we can do extraordinary action and video photography. Established Date: 1 January 2002 Headquartered in: San Mateo, California, United States Founder & CEO: Nicholas Woodman Categories: Photography, Software/Hardware, 3D …

Canva – Free Graphic Design and Photo Editor Website

Business Cards
Canva is a amazing Free graphic design web tool, by using this tool we can do free photo editor, fonts, graphical designing and it is a drag and drop tool. This can be used by professionals and non designers. It is used for print media as well as website development and graphics. we can do thumbnail maker, business card templates, class schedule …

25+ Super Female Vampire Photos

Creative photography plays a large part in web design and the use of photography as a central focus is becoming more and more widespread. Huge photo background is web design trend that is very effective. Good photography can create a great central focus and help convey your message. The best part is, you can adjust photos based on holidays such …

Infrared Photography: 35 Examples of Mysterious Pictures

In infrared photography, the film or image sensor used is sensitive to infrared light. Usually an “infrared filter” is used; this lets infrared (IR) light pass through to the camera, but blocks all or most of the visible light spectrum (the filter therefore, looks black or deep red). When a filter is used together with infrared-sensitive film or sensors, false-color …

20 Famous Bridges Around The World

Bridge builders and designers have always tried to exceed current technology by making their new bridge bigger, longer, taller, etc. When a new bridge is constructed and is the biggest, tallest, longest, newest…. it will only remain so for a few years – another new bridge will always come along to break its record. Please follow and like us:

30 Mind Blowing Conceptual Photography

In this post we are showcasing great examples of conceptual photography. Not all photographers travel far and wait for the precise moment to capture conceptual photographs. There are many who desire to convey a silent message using this exquisite medium and their insightful talent, which may some up the aim of conceptual photography. Here the artist tries to bring together …

Awesome Colorful Ladies with Sharp Colors

Today I found different colorful pictures on Flick. These are amazing, its a complete gallery and I would like to show you these super colorful pictures and I hope u like it, because I think that is awesome work in Photoshop and very clean and sharp, outstanding designers. Please follow and like us:

30+ Breathtaking Landscape Photography

Landscapes include the visible features of an area of land and the physical elements of landforms, such as plains, quarries, hills and mountains, bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and the sea. The Earth has a vast range of natural landscapes installed for us which includes the icy landscapes of polar regions mountainous landscapes, vast arid desert landscapes, islands …

2D or not 2D – Find Real Faces Beneath The Stunning Artwork

The Russian duo of make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took to recreating some of the finest and most famous artworks of all times such as, Leonardo da Vinci’s lady with a smile: Mona Lisa, or the bold and beautiful comic styled female character of Roy Lichtenstein. Instead of using the canvas, Valeriya Kutsan decided to use real …

High-Speed Photography: 30 Fascinating Photography

High speed photography is a technique that photographers use to capture an action that happens in a fraction of a second. Imagine capturing a picture of a bullet going through a balloon filled with water; Even the fastest digital camera you could buy wouldn’t be sufficient. Cameras can have a shutter speed as fast as 1/4000 of a second. Pretty …