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Fresh Examples of Logo Design

As designing a logo is the most difficult task for designers. So to facilitate them we have continuously posted some really good logo designs on our blog. 30+ fresh logo designs are here for you….AGAIN!!

20 Creative fashion based logo design for inspiration

If you are In fashion industry so design a best suitable fashion logo design for your brand before launching it if you want to seek attention in the market. Following trends and fashion leaves a mark on one’s personality. It gives the edge to one’s appearance. Fashion designers provide flow to the society by creating attires and accessories for the …

30 Effective Logo Designs Featuring Fish

Logo design is always a great source of inspiration, both for further logo design and for typography. Fish used in design are symbolic, and each type of fish has its own specific symbolic value. A Blowfish logo design is suitable for clothing and fashion trades as it represents attitude and flair. A logo design using a shark – perhaps quite …

20 Inspiring Negative Space in Logos Examples

We keep on publishing post related to logo designs. Today I have collected a list of logo designs with negative spacing. Negative spacing is empty space in design elements of a logo. It’s up to a designer how intelligently takes advantage of spacing to create stunning, meaningful and memorable logo designs. So We have collected a list of negative spacing …

40+ Minimal logo design inspiration

We have previously posted a number of logo design inspiration and have always stressed on the importance of attractiveness of the logo as it is the visual identity of the company. It is like face of the company. It should always be such which clicks the mind of customer without even looking at the product. So compiled today is a …

25 Text Based Logos – The Power of Letters

To mark your identity in market visually, a business needs a logo. A text based logo of the business is important because it symbolizes your presence in market. A text based logo of a business should be designed in such a way that it reflects the services or products of the business at one glance. A text based logo is …