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Canva – Free Graphic Design and Photo Editor Website

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Canva is a amazing Free graphic design web tool, by using this tool we can do free photo editor, fonts, graphical designing and it is a drag and drop tool. This can be used by professionals and non designers. It is used for print media as well as website development and graphics. we can do thumbnail maker, business card templates, class schedule …

20 Cool Photo Illustrations Examples

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A creative designer should always have something different in order to attract the user. Many designers make photo illustration in an effective way, as shown in the following pictures. Please follow and like us:

30 Amazing Digital Painting of Beautiful Girls

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Digital painting is very magical painting method hen you create portrait of other type of art with computer. No doubt that it is very complex and hard to learn technique as besides web design, when you create website design from mathematics point of view (all website element sizes but be as one whole design), in digital painting designer must very …

Cool Photo Manipulation with Particles Human Body

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Photo manipulation isnt something new. Most of you know that with great photo editor you can create awesome effects. Creation of photo manipulation is very hard task and sometimes even if you have excellent skills, you will not be able to create it because of lack of inspiration. For to give you some inspiration I did gather photo effects that …

40 Creatively Stunning and Eye-Catching Resumes

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Everyone knows the importance of a good, functional and informative resume or CV, and that is not under discussion in this article. Here we are taking a look at creative and very individual resumes, mainly designed to be viewed on the internet by prospective employers/clients. The individuals we are showcasing here have stamped their style on their resume – which …

40 Amazing Examples of Colorful Typography

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One thing that most designers and creative minds have in common is the ability to feel inspired by looking at other people’s work. Many different types of design even interact with each other and use similar styles. This time we’re going to have a look at something that for many is a great inspirational source: Typography. Typography is a wide …

30 Stunning Digital Cartoon Illustrations

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The word cartoon refers to several very different forms of visual art and illustration. A cartoon was originally a preparatory sketch or drawing for a piece of art – particularly paintings and tapestries. In modern digital art, cartoons are brought to us in many different forms – from the sketched, postcard-type drawings, to the Disney-style vector characters, even to finer …

40+ Creative Advertising Campaigns

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Main element of any advertisement campaign is its creativeness. If the same advertisement will be repeated over and over again, it will lose its charm and charisma of taking over the target audience. Today a product can be advertised on television, radio, internet, newspaper and in many other ways. But the main think to be kept in mind while advertising …

30+ Healthcare Infographics Designs

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Compiled today is a list of 30+ Healthcare infographics design inspiration. Infographics are basically graphical representation of facts, data and number in a colorful and fun way. With infographics on your websites you can give out a lot of information in very small space in an extreme attractive manner, which attracts visitors too. Infographics are easy to understand too. They …

30 Supercool Examples Of Dance Oil Paintings

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Oil painting is a particular technique of painting where the medium used in the paint is drying oil. The color pigments are blended with the drying oil and paintings have a natural luster that makes them so unique. This particular technique was first used by the Indian and Chinese painters, but it was popularized by the European artists at a …