High Quality Stock Photos at Fotolia.com

Fotolia has the largest collection of stock photos, vector, illustrations and videos in very affordable prices. This photography agency provides means for worldwide distribution of photographs. Fotolia is updated with attractive and new pictures each day, against which the designers and photographers receive commissions. This image bank sell pictures and pays high commission to the photographers who upload pictures on Fotolia.



The pictures on Fotolia are protected by intellectual property rights. Fotolia respects every picture created, and protects them against being illegally used; which can only be done by high price barrier.

To bridge the gap between photographer and buyer, Fotolia pays high commission to the photographer and put up an intellectual property right; banning it from being illegally used. While from buyer point-of-view Fotolia legally lowers the price making it affordable for everyone.


Fotolia encourages photographers to put up their pictures by not putting any limitation of frame, size, status and the like barriers. With the world’s largest collection of picture Fotolia offers pictures to individuals and professionals – from small business owners to multi-national firms – for free or as low as a quarter dollar!!

FOTOLIA DESKTOP WIDGET – a new feature of Fotolia – with features such as; Search and browse images, vectors, videos, Fast and easy access to comp files, Slick and intuitive drag and drop interface and Free download and easy installation; makes it easy for everyone to access the image for your computer screens.

Fotolia has its website in different languages so that language can’t be a barrier for anyone who wants to use it. Up-till-now Fotolia has launched its website in more than 10 different languages; to mention a few; Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, English and many more.

Apart from this Fotolia likes to interact with their customers, they can easily be approached via social
networking websites like on facebook

Our Experience


If personal experience about Fotolia is asked in one line than it definitely has to be FOTOLIA IS ONE OF ITS KIND, with beautiful pictures intellectually protected! Best quality pictures can easily be accessed from Fotolia at anytime. My company purchase from Fotolia on regular basis. You can save pictures, while navigating on this page, in lightboxes to be purchased later. All in all this is a tremendous place to get pictures from. Thumbs up Fotolia!!

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