Download WordPress Aggregator theme from Tamplatic

We released Livetwit – a free wordpress theme earlier to aggregate your twits on specific keyword / username has been well received by our users. On the same track, here’s another free theme that will aggregate all your feeds of all kind at once place in attractive format.

  • Widget based layout – add as many feeds as you want using one single widget again and again.
  • Specify post count on each feed.
  • While aggregating feeds for image / video site, you have an option to display the feeds as images or post titles.
  • Aggregate feeds of any kind – blog posts, flickr images, video or audio
  • On hover of the feed news titles, further snippet of the article is displayed
  • 2 detailed colorschemes
  • Drop-down menu
  • Normal blog, single post and page layouts, comments are also well designed.

How to use?

Demo: View Live Demo of the aggregator theme.

Download : Aggregator theme


  • Base open source script upon which the theme is based is taken from
  • The theme has been inspired from popular sites such as alltop, popurl etc.


You are free to use and modify the theme in anyway as you wish for personal or business use but you can not resell/redistribute the theme in anyway. You may not remove the credit from the theme footer. In case you can’t keep the credit link, please consider purchasing a credit removal license at minor cost of $10.


The support for this theme is provided only to our customers in support forum. Membership for which can be attained by purchasing one of our paid theme from the theme store.

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