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HTML5 Games

20+ Best HTML5 Games

HTML 5 is now beating flash in every category, It was created in 1990 and since then it is improving day by day. Today we have featured 20+ best games based on HTML5. Now have a look at out this post and play your favourite online HTML5 games online games…

jQuery UI

Ultimate Guide about jQuery UI – Tutorials, Tips, Resources and Examples

jquery is very useful and popular new version of javascript. On internet you can find a lot of very cool and useful jquery tutorials and effects. You can just imagine is power with this fact that it is used in almost top 10000+ most visited sites. jQuery UI is basically…

HTML5 Video Tools

HTML5 Video Tools

In order to increase the speed of their websites many website designers and developers are now using HTML5 video players. Today i have published best of HTML5 video relating tools and players. In this list some plugins of wordpress related to HTML5 also included.

CSS3 Tools

HTML5 & CSS3 Tools

HTML5 and CSS3 is very useful language and is used by many designer and developers nowadays. Today we have featured 20+ best HTML5 and css3 tools. This list includes HTML5 and CSS3 cheat sheets, Sketching tools of HTML5, HTML5 forms, CSS3 button maker, CSS3 watch etc. 1- HTML 5 Visual…

Navigation Plugins

25+ jquery Navigation Plugins

Navigation or menus are the most important part of any website. If your navigation is looking good and attractive then user automatically click on it, And it will definitely increase your website’s visibility. However Today i have collected list of best jquery plugins related to navigation menus. Use these plugins…

jquery Form Plugins

25+ jquery Form Plugins

jquery is used in almost top 10000+ most visited sites. Powers of jquery is now unlimited. Today i am trying to show you power of jquery in forms field, That hoe jquery validates form or mask password or show you your comments live preview etc. So have a look out…

CSS3 Animations

25+ CSS3 Animations

We have continuously posted articles on new web trends. Css3 is the new and improved version of css. Today i want to share with you the power of css3 in animation category, You can even forget javascript when you see the effects of css3. Have a look out at these…