30+ Super Cool Business Cards Examples

Super Cool Business Cards

Business cards can help you with building new contract, to be recognized by a lot of people, to be remembered or contacted after the first meeting with someone or to have a remarkable impression on people. It leaves mark on minds of others after first meeting. Business cards are important for all professions. Business cards are important if you want to build contacts. It becomes a hassle if you have to write it down every time that you meet somebody. A business card on the other hand will get saved in desk and every time someone goes through his desk he will see that card.

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25+ Super Sexy Female Vampire Photos

Super Sexy Female Vampire Photos

Creative photography plays a large part in web design and the use of photography as a central focus is becoming more and more widespread. Huge photo background is web design trend that is very effective. Good photography can create a great central focus and help convey your message. The best part is, you can adjust photos based on holidays such as Halloween!

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25 Geek Pumpkins Ideas to Make Halloween Fun

Geek Pumpkins Ideas to Make Halloween Fun

Have you found the perfect pumpkin yet? These guys have and they are showing off their love for all things geeky by carving out some sweet geeky pumpkin designs. These awesome pumpkin carvings seem to span the entire geek universe all the way from CSS to Star Trek and beyond!

Check out these pumpkin designs while I go find some for myself and let us know which ones are your favorite in the bunch. Please link to any other geeky ones you find in the comments and show off your own.

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10 Effective Halloween Pumpkin Carving Hacks

Effective Halloween Pumpkin Carving Hacks

What is the best part of Halloween? What do you love the most about this part of the year? It may be the delicious Halloween food, funny and creative costumes or the Trick-or-treating we all love? For me the thing i love the most are pumpkins. Once i open and start carving i get all kind of ideas and inspirations. However, not always i do what i wanted and sometimes i fail to fulfill what i wanted at start. Because of all this, we created an article that will guide you and show you some tips and hacks for this year Halloween pumpkin carving.

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30 Creative Business Cards Ideas

Creative Business Cards Ideas

In this post of creative business cards ideas you will find very creative and innovative business cards designs inspiration for your future design projects. Experts say that hard copy of a document has its own value; although technology has provided compact version of all types of documents, it has transformed a heavy 1000 page book into an e-book which can easily be carried on your usb… What if your data gets washed out? Then guess what… The experts are right.

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20+ Newest Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials (only 2017 tuts)

20+ Newest Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials (only 2017 tuts)

With a Photoshop Photo effects tutorials you can modify your usual image to professional and interesting photo artwork. Designers and amateurs, who wants to become designer, love Photoshop tutorials that can help to learn new techniques and tricks and give them new skills to design more interesting and amazing artworks.
With Photoshop you can make magic: fully customize original image to create sexy picture, magic landscape or beautiful selfie. By the way do not forget to check some of Instagram like Photoshop actions that we featured earlier.

From my experience as I surf in internet a lot to check latest cool graphic design article nowadays there are only some very good web blog that focus on Photoshop tutorials, not like it was 3-5 years ago but still there are some old authoritative blogs that are worth to read, especially Tutsplus blog.

I checked every design blog, all posts published on 2017 and as a result I create this post where published only the best and most recent Photoshop tutorials to learn how to create effective photo effects. I hope with theses Photoshop tutorials you will learn new Photoshop techniques.

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