30+ iPhone Apps for Kids

Usage of apple iPhone is increasing with the passage of each day. iPhone applications…….another wow factor of this cool Apple gadget. And iPhone application’s importance can not be denied. These iPhone applications have grown from 500 apps to 225,000+ apps today, and many more amazing iPhone apps are coming each day. These apps will help you from major to minor tasks, from checking alcohol content of your blood after a night of drinking to creating database of your store’s information, from socializing with mates to storing online pages for offline readings; you just name it and there is an apps for it in its apps store. While we all like to get things for free, some iPhone apps are simply worth paying for!!

So here I have compiled a list of 30+ IPhone apps for kids. Download them today on iPhone for your kids!!

1.Childrens books


2.Alpha Writer

Alpha Writer



4.Signing Time ASL

Signing Time ASL

5.Bumblebee Touchbook

Bumblebee Touchbook

6.My Smart Hands Baby

My Smart Hands Baby

7.First Letters

First Letters



9.Free Books

Free Books



11.Telling Time

Telling Time

12.Park Math

Park Math

13.Motion Math

Motion Math

14.Math Drills

Math Drills

15.Kids Money

Kids Money

16.ZOOLA Animals

ZOOLA Animals

17.Britannica Kids Dinosaurs

Britannica Kids Dinosaurs

18.Britannica Kids Solar System

Britannica Kids Solar System

19.Peekaboo Wild

Peekaboo Wild

20.Intro to Math

Intro to Math



22.Ansel Clairs Adventures in Africa

Ansel Clairs Adventures in Africa

23.Project Noah

Project Noah



25.Musical Me

Musical Me

26.Kids Song Machine

Kids Song Machine

27.Abbys Train

Abbys Train

28.Eric Carles

Eric Carles

29.Stack the States

Stack the States

30.The U S States

The U S States

31.Bugsy Pre K

Bugsy Pre K

32.Zoo Train

Zoo Train

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