25+ Cool Liquid Art Photography

Ever felt like having a warm cup of coffee after seeing the coffee cup in an advertisement? Ever felt the rain falling like droplets on your head after seeing the picture of an ad for a movie? Ever felt the 3D effects in a photo clicked just randomly? Welcome to the world of liquid art photography. An art that captures those motions which give way to fantastic and beautiful imaginations!

This photographic art is used in various forms to promote the different types of products and line-ups. A glass of water when seen in such form would make you wish for a glass for yourself. Such is the temptation this form of art creates. This type of photography basically involves two things: Liquids and a high speed digital camera. If you have both of this and the skilful hand to click an amazing picture; then you are in for the liquid art photography format.

What this format displays is an inherent energy of flowing water or liquid and captures it well to portray a live form of flowing water. When viewed in this form, the water actually seems to be flowing. Similarly, the cup of coffee feels real and warm to the eyes. Such is the dynamics of this art. But not everyone can play this magical piece well. You don’t just need a camera to capture these scenes but a very skilful hand that can handle the high speed equipment in a stride.

You don’t really go about clicking real things but what you do is create a mirage of the real things and make them seem real to the outside world. Interesting but unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, photographers create an effect using liquids that is very similar to the real stuff. In some cases of course they have no other choice but to shoot the real thing. But where they cannot shoot the real thing, they create the mirage of the real thing and shoot it to perfection. Hence, when we see things like minerals, dust, dirt etc., we don’t feel that it is fake. We actually believe that it is true. The mirage is so perfect that even if we wish to we cannot believe otherwise.

The advertisements with splash of waters or the ones carrying the paints etc. are all liquid art photography. Several photographers have actually manipulated the water and drawn several inspirations from it. Some of these inspirations are probably the best of the lot. Some images so created have given way to amazing creations and have undoubtedly won the hearts of many.

Even if you wish to you cannot erase the effects of this art from the books of marketing and advertising. This is an amazing pictorial representation given from the land of photographers. A visual experience that melts the hearts of a lot of people! There are a lot of variations and innovations that this art has experienced. In this article I have included 30 amazing examples of liquid art photography to inspire you.

1. Splashy Xmas

Splashy Xmas

2. Eiffel drop

Eiffel drop

3. Watermelon Shroom

Watermelon Shroom

4. Catching a drop

Catching a drop

5. Disc on the Bubble

Disc on the Bubble

6. Jumping Colors

Jumping Colors

7. Delicate flower

Delicate flower

8. Crown Display

Crown Display

9. Atmosphere


10. Caged


11. Dancer


12. Orange Crush

Orange Crush

13. Water World

Water World

14. Psychedelic Mushroom

Psychedelic Mushroom

15. Wide Open

Wide Open

16. Fun with Colors

Fun with Colors

17. Tiara


18. Sculpting


19. Autumn mushroom

Autumn mushroom

20. Evil Clown

Evil Clown

21. Time for Batman

Time for Batman

22. World on a string

World on a string

23. Spiderman


24. The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

25. Wolverine


26. Splash Art

Splash Art

27. Water splash

Water splash

28. Liquid Snail

Liquid Snail

29. Blue Mouth

Blue Mouth

30. Kiss of the drops

Kiss of the drops

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