Salesforce certification program- Salesforce Platform is one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) products that can be utilized by any company across the globe. The Salesforce Services & Products are available to use for entire industries such as Healthcare to Automotive, finance, communications & media, retail, and even non-profit organizations. Salesforce with its Sales automation program will provide the ICS (Intelligent Customer Success) platform. The Cloud solutions provided such as apps, platform, marketing, analytics, service, communities, sales, artificial intelligence, and IoT (the Internet of Things).

Salesforce Certification Program

Similar to other programs, it is not possible to identify the certification hierarchies or tiers like Expert, Professional, Advanced, or Associate within the portfolio of Salesforce Certification. Rather, they majorly focus on common, various tracks or job roles among Salesforce professionals:

  1. Consultants
  2. Pardot Experts
  3. Marketers
  4. Implementation Consultants or Experts (Specialists)
  5. Architects
  6. Developers
  7. Platform App builders
  8. Administrators

You can find 23 different certifications available within Salesforce and mostly targeted on Architects and Consultants.

Salesforce Certification Exams

You can achieve the Salesforce certifications by answering 60 multiple-choice questions in the exam. Based on the certification, the exam duration may vary from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. It is highly affordable to take the certification exams for CPQ specialists, Pardot experts, consultants, marketers, developers, app builders, and administrators with $200 for the first attempt and $100 for a retake. It is not required to take training for passing the salesforce certification but highly recommended. Find below the list of important Salesforce certifications for your reference:

 Salesforce Certification program for Architects

Salesforce Certification has a different approach for Architects to closely work with emerging and current customer requirements. You can find numerous Salesforce certifications for Architects:

  1. Salesforce Certification for System Architect
  2. Salesforce Certification for Application Architect
  3. The Salesforce Certification for Technical Architect

Find below the list of specializations available within the Architect Salesforce Certifications:

  1. Salesforce Certification for Visibility & Sharing Designer
  2. Salesforce Certification for Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer
  3. The Salesforce Certification for Integration Architecture Designer
  4. Salesforce Certification for Access & Identity Management Designer
  5. Salesforce Certification for Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer
  6. The Salesforce Certification for Date Architecture & Management Designer

These Architect Salesforce certifications along with its respective specialization will create the base foundation. The designer certifications are used to create a career with building blocks within the Salesforce Architect and design to validate your expertise areas.


The Salesforce Certifications for Consultants

Salesforce will provide six different certifications for professionals or experts, who can utilize the customer-facing roles, designs, and also implement the solutions in its respective expertise areas. Find below the list of available Salesforce Certifications for Consultants:

Non-profit Cloud Consultant

Non-profit Cloud Consultant – The certified professionals will have in-depth knowledge and skills to create, design, and implement the Non-profit Cloud solutions within the Salesforce platform.

Einstein Analytics & Discovery Consultant – The certified professionals will have in-depth knowledge and skills to create, design, and implement the Non-profit Cloud solutions within the Einstein Analytics & Discovery Salesforce platform.

 Salesforce Consultant Certification

Field Service Lightning Consultant – The Certified professionals or experts can design the customized Salesforce solutions and configure the applications based on customer requirements.

Community Cloud Consultant – This certified professional will implement the Salesforce Community application and also assist the customers for configuring, managing the communities. They are also responsible to troubleshoot the Salesforce platform issues as well.

Marketing Cloud Consultant – A person’s ability is validated by this certification for configuring and also implementing the Marketing Cloud Email application tools within the Salesforce platform and also troubleshoots the platform issues.

Pardot Consultant – The professionals who are certified will review the entire business requirements and decide to customize, implement, and also maintain the available Pardot solutions.

Service Cloud Consultant – The professionals are certified with designing solution knowledge for contact centers and metric tracking with the analytic solution.

Sales Cloud Consultant –This certified professional or expert can easily create & implement applications, interfaces, and Sales Cloud solutions. It is much easier to create, design, and manage the analytics only for tracking purposes.

Salesforce Certification for CPQ Specialist

This Salesforce Certification will recognize the professionals or experts, who are capable of implementing the CPQ solutions along with creating & designing the quoting flows to fulfill the customer needs and as well as troubleshoot the Salesforce platform issues.

Salesforce Certification for Pardot Experts

The Pardot Salesforce certification will include two different credentials as the Certified Pardot Consultant and the Certified Pardot Specialist. The Certification for Pardot Specialist should be able to manage the entire marketing workflows such as creating, designing, and implementing the same on the Salesforce Pardot platform.

Salesforce Certification for Marketing

Salesforce Certification program for Marketing is available in three different credentials:
Cloud Email Specialist certification,
Marketing Cloud Social Specialist certification, and
Marketing Cloud Consultant certification.

The Marketing Cloud Email Specialist is professionals and can utilize the Marketing Cloud Email programs or applications for building the campaigns, track email data, utilize email automation, and design emails. The Marketing Cloud Social Specialist is a professional who utilizes the Social Studio for building the posts and preparing respective reports & analyzing conversations.

Salesforce Certification for Platform App Builder

Salesforce Certification for Platform App Builder will recognize the professionals or experts who can easily create the apps. This certification is for professionals to work within the Salesforce Platform for creating, designing, customizing, and deploying the Salesforce apps.

Salesforce Platform App Builder

You can find three different certifications available for the users:
Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer,
Salesforce Platform Certification Developer I and Salesforce Platform Certification Developer II.

It is important to validate skills such as programming or creating the Salesforce platform apps. Apex & Visualforce will leverage to develop customized apps and even design the app data models, security, interfaces, and logic.

The professionals or experts, who can work within the Salesforce official platform, are targeted by the Developer I & II certifications. The Developer II certification will assist the holders to implement best practices and develop the complex interface solutions. The Commerce Cloud Digital Developer is a professional who has in-depth knowledge of creating & designing e-commerce solutions.

Salesforce Certification for Administrators

This Salesforce certification program will include two different categories:
the Certified Advanced Administrator and
Certified Administrator.

The Certification for Advanced Administrator should have advanced knowledge & extensive experience to work on the Salesforce applications and optimize the leverage features for the best productivity.

The prerequisite or requirements of low-level Administrator certification is essential for the Advanced Administrator credential. The Administrator certification will target experienced Salesforce experts or professionals. They should be responsible for creating the reports, managing the users & data, security, workflows, dashboards, and even maintaining the Salesforce applications.

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