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 Adobe PageMaker; Basic features and conversion of Adobe Page maker to PDF

How do you create ads, brushers, and newsletters on your PC? What software do you use for the purpose? Have you ever heard about PageMaker from Adobe? Have you ever used it? Do you know its features and advantages? This article is all about PageMaker. Here you will find its nature, uses, and convenience of Adobe PageMaker. I shall discuss how to convert PageMaker to PDF. Adobe PageMaker is the beginning of digital graphics, and it has developed different versions with time. Adobe PageMaker was a revolution in the graphic art industry, and it gave a new outlook in creating your content on your pc. You can convert your PageMaker document to PDF for different needs and requirements.

What is Adobe PageMaker?

If you go back to graphic art history, you will find that Adobe PageMaker had been a standard for the digital newsletter, ads, and books for many years. It was developed by adobe for desktop publishing programs in Windows and Macintosh. You can create your ads, brochure and other graphics for your business. It gave new horizons for desktop publishing. Aldus Corporation introduced it in 1985. Originally it was developed for Mac. Its PC version started its operations in 1987 for Windows. It has the distinction of being the first non-Microsoft Windows application. The terms PageMaker was coined by Aldus, President Paul Brainerd. In Design came after PageMaker.

adobe page maker
adobe page maker

Some features

Individuals and groups can make ads and edit their books on PageMaker. PC magazine noted adobe PageMaker 7.0 to add data merge specifications. You can import and export data from and to other software such as spreadsheets and databases. Also can convert it into a form. You can merge your mail through this feature. You can work with PDF files, and it makes electronic publishing possible. If you are a business, you can publish a form on your portal, and the user can print it.


Through Adobe PageMaker, an average user can create engaging publications for his personal or business requirements. For this purpose, he doesn’t need much expertise. It is easy to use software that everybody with computer skills can handle. Its layout has not many complexities. Users can insert text and images for an ad in print publication documents. You can create a newsletter by putting logos and images from advertisers. You can use preformatted boxes for this. Adobe PageMaker is compatible with all other adobe products and printing tools. It facilitates work with illustrator and Photoshop. A PageMaker file can be converted to PDF for online publication and other business and personal needs. You can use it with other compatible applications to benefit from its features and advantages.

How to convert PageMaker to PDF

If you want to convert PageMaker to PDF, you will need to add some other compatible programs. They are Adobe Distiller and Adobe PostScript Printer Driver. These components should come standard on your PageMaker App CD drive. Adobe Distiller and Adobe PostScript Printer Driver should be installed before the converting process. If you don’t have these components, you may download it from adobe. But these programs are necessary before the converting process.

Open PageMaker

After you have downloaded and installed the additional components, make sure it is appropriately processed. It is impossible to convert to PDF without these tools and add-ons. After it, you need to open the PageMaker 7.0.

Process 1
  • After you have installed the required programs as mentioned above and you have opened the PageMaker, you need to do further.
  • You will see the “File” button at the top of your computer screen. Click on it and open Export.
  • Here you will choose Adobe PDF in the sub-menu. There will be a popup window.
  • Here you need to select a PDF option from the Job Name area.
  • Carefully, do as it stated and perform the process according to this instruction for a smooth operation.
Process 2
  • When you have selected A PDF option from a Job name menu, you can change any desired setting options.
  • You will do it from the tabs that you see in the popup menu. After you have selected your desired file and made necessary changes, you need to click ‘Export”.
  • Before this, you will enter the name of your PDF file you want to convert.
  • In your computer hard drive, select “Save” and carry on the process of converting PageMaker to PDF.
Process 3
  • Now you will choose the View PDF.
  • You will use this option if you want an automatic opening of your file.
  • You can able to do so when the saving process is completed smoothly.
  • So you need to click “Save” for this.

If you act according to the above instructions, you can easily convert PageMaker to PDF.

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