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Designing Real Estate Website

If you’re engaged in the real estate business, it’s essential to have the best website design. Go fast-paced with digital marketing and gain potential clients faster than traditional marketing methods. Having a fast-loading and user-friendly website can’t be overemphasized anymore. As much as possible, you want your website to engage with your visitors to encourage them to contact you. 

Below are some helpful tips when designing your real estate website:

Use a Powerful Content Management System or Website Builder

If you want to build a powerful and appealing real estate website, you should choose a content management system or CMS platform that’s easy to edit. Choose one that’s flexible, reliable, and trusted, like WordPress. Real estate businesses can benefit from an easy-to-update CMS platform, making your website abreast with the latest in web design. 

Of course, you can always hire a professional that can create the best real estate website designs, if you don’t have the time and expertise building a great website. Having a powerful website will make your business stand out from your competitors. 

Build An Aesthetically Appealing and Informative Landing Page 

A landing page refers to a web page where business owners can offer a great resource in exchange for contact information (e.g., name and email address) of a visitor. In the real estate industry, your landing page should generate quality leads, attracting both property buyers and sellers. 

Here are some helpful tips when creating the best landing pages for real estate websites:
  • Always keep search tools and lead capture forms simple from your imagery, search functionality, and the call-to-action or CTA’s. 
  • Post stunning imagery. For instance, instead of posting a block of text or an image of an old alleyway, highlight the assets of a beautiful farmhouse that is surrounded with a plush of greenery or a view of a small cottage facing the mesmerizing, blue ocean.
  • Your landing pages should evoke the dream lifestyle that property searchers are craving through quality images that evoke emotion and leads to action.
  • Establish trust and authority by not withholding important details in your landing pages, like condominium fees or square footage. Don’t make false promises that could lose people’s trust in your business. Be transparent and include detailed information such as square footage, precise location, additional fees, and a number of bedrooms.
Use Compelling CTA In Your Real Estate Website 

Call-to-action or CTA is an instruction that aims to incite an immediate response from the site visitors. Generic CTAs include “click here” or “call now.” In a real estate website, the goal of CTAs is to inspire site visitors to download content, fill out a form, get in touch with you or set up a professional consultation regarding the property clients want to buy or sell.

Real Estate website design
Here are some expert tips when creating a compelling CTA for a real estate website: 
  • Keep the message of your CTAs simple, straightforward, clear, and concise. In that way, buyers and sellers can easily understand what you want them to do. 
  • Tie up your CTAs with a benefit or value. For instance, you can say “Start Looking For Townhouses Here and Get 1% Discount on Preselling”. 
  • Emphasizing the time-sensitivity nature of CTA can be beneficial to prompt your target audience to take action, such as “hurry” or “offer for a limited time only.” 
  • Conduct an A/B test to check the effectiveness of your message. You can experiment with the language and various design elements (e.g., CTA shape, color, or page location).
Use the Right Combination of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing and web design go hand in hand. It’s crucial for any real estate website to implement good SEO strategies to rank in search results. Search engine optimization or SEO uses the best keywords and links so your website will be seen on the first pages of Google and other search engines. 

Also, email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool for realtors, because they help generate leads so you can easily start the negotiation and close a successful sale. Real estate agents and investors also benefit from social media marketing. That’s why your website should have easy-to-find social media icons so your interested viewers and visitors can easily share your content to gain more visitors on your real estate website.


A great real estate website should not only be aesthetically appealing but also intuitive, fast-loading, informative, and engaging. It should drive high traffic, quality leads, and boost your sales every time. By using a reliable CMS platform, implementing the right digital marketing strategies, creating compelling landing pages, and using CTAs can help you achieve your real estate business goals.



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