DaFont is a collection of freely downloadable fonts. Even though the download button is available, yet these are properties of the respective authors. The ‘readme-files’in the archives indicate the author’s details. Wherever the instances of these details are not specified, the relevant details are not available with the site vendors.

Should font always be downloaded?

However, If a particular font does not need frequently there is no such requirement to get it installed. Just give a double click to the .ttf file and let that window kept open parallel to the other fonts.

Step by step installation guide

Installation of a font is not a matter of just drag and drop straightaway from the .ttf  zip window to the fonts window. First and foremost it should be drag and drop to any of the location and then direct to the Fonts folder. Windows is capable of dealing with thousand fonts but installation of huge number at once could result a system slow down. Therefore only the frequently used fonts should be kept in the Fonts folder while the rest can be stored in a different location where you can install / uninstall as required. The method of downloading a font is platform dependent.

  1. Visit the page: // through the web browser on the computer.
  2. Click on a font type. The font types are available inside red rectangles. These are located upper part of the page inside the window.
  3. Scroll down. Font types will appear under the selected category.
  4. Search for DaFonts on and click on the “Download” button which is just right next to the selected font type. Certain fonts bear the option ‘donate to author’. Through this option, the user can revert to the designer of the font form of financial gratitude.
  5. Specify a location to save the font file. Else it will avail in the Downloads folder.

Windows Computers – Double click on the file and then click on Extract All Files.

Mac Computers – Just double click on the file

  1. Double click on the selected folder and it will open.
  2. Windows Computers- Followed by any suffixes out of .otf, .ttf or .fon ; right click on files and click on Install

Mac Computers – Followed by any suffixes out of .otf, .ttf or .fon ; double click on files and click on Install Font.

Double click on files with .otf, .ttf or fon.suffixes and click on Install font.

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