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Benefits of disabling windows defender

 Windows Defender which comes pre packaged with Windows 10, is a fairly good anti virus software. It protects your computer against a number of threats including spyware, adware and other viruses of the kind. Now, although this might sound like a good thing, it actually isn’t. There are many downsides to it.


Unlike many third party software, this one simply lacks the features as a whole package. There are multiple reasons as to why you should disable windows defender for your PC and if you are wondering how to turn off windows defender Windows 10, then there are many guides available that will help you through.

Nonetheless, in this article, we will discuss all the benefits of disabling Windows Defender. Read on to know more.

  1. Not the mass choice

If you go by the reviews of the users, you will know that Windows Defender isn’t actually recommended by a lot of people. A number of independent tests performed on the software and it didn’t receive many positive feedback. Compared to other 3rd party security packages, this software suite lacked the quality, which the users seek from a security software.


  1. Weak defense and scanning quality

The scan performed by Windows Defender carried out in two ways. One is a quick scan, other is a full scan. The full scan performed by Windows Defender significantly slows down the performance of your computer and even though the scan is a lengthy process, there are still many security holes. Moreover, many people also complained about the fact that, small viruses easily get past the defense set up by the software.


  1. Not a smooth startup procedure

If you wish to use Windows Defender on your computer on every boot it asks to go through the startup process. This protocol followed by a lot of other security softwares, the process set up Windows Defender pretty rough and lacks the smoothness provided by other software suites.


  1. Lacks in features

The simplistic approach that the software follows makes it inefficient as compared to other 3rd party security software suites. The Windows Defender is a very basic antivirus program and lacks many features. The software doesn’t support scanning of a single folder, neither can you auto schedule a scan, it has to be done manually.


  1. Incompatible with other antivirus softwares

Following the users review, it is noticed the antivirus software doesn’t function well with other security softwares. It takes up a lot of RAM space, slowing down your computer as well as slowing the internet speed significantly. The only best option to achieve optimum performance in such a case is to turn off Windows Defender on your PC.


  1. Changing definitions regularly

Windows Defender is known to change its definition frequently, thus making it an unreliable software package. Also, if you don’t regularly download files on your computer then this security software might work for you. If you do download files on your PC on a regular basis, then Windows Defender antivirus suite is a big no for your computer.


Windows Defender as a security software suite, creates a lot of challenges for the computer’s user. It poses many issues in front of the user. If this program is creating a hindrance than performing its functions, then it is time you turn off the application. With Windows Defender disabled on your computer, don’t worry about small viruses your security software’s defense or your computer’s RAM being hogged on incessantly.



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