Temporary Tattoos

How to Create Temporary Tattoo- (Sharpie) tattoos

If you do not change your skin forever, you want to use body art on your body, then you have some things available at your home and some things from the craft store to a temperer tattoo Can create. Learn about three methods of making tatmarrier tattoos: using the eyeliner pencil, using stencil and print on the paper.

4 Ways of making Temporary Tattoos

Eyeliner tattoos

Stencil tattoos

Paper Tattoos

Sharpie Tattoos

  1. Eyeliner tattoos

img srce: Kandhee Johnsons
  1. Create a tattoo design:
    Think of some good design before making it on the skin to make a great tattoo. Take a pencil and a paper to sketch some thoughtful designs and keep the following points in mind:

    The eyeliner tattoo will look great in simple stroke and bold. Thin line more difficult design can spread and does not look good. So, create a clean-looking shape.

    Already decide how big you want to make it. A large tattoo appears with hand, while a small tattoo is more “authentic”. Design as the effect you want in tattoos.

  2. Select the eyeliner: Go to a general store and choose a simple eyeliner pencil, choose a pencil whose type you can sharpen. Choose a pencil that is not oily or shiny; A pencil that makes smooth, dry scars, so that the tattoos are not spanning and for a long time.

    A wonderful tattoo is made from the Jet black eyeliner, but there is no point in choosing more than one colour here. Choose emeralds, purple, and sapphire to design or add them to a small accent.

    Do not use liquid eyeliner. This type of eyeliner has trouble keeping your palms in place on any part of your body.

    Try to design your design on the paper with the selected eyeliner pencil. Make a habit by knowing that winning pressure needed to make a smooth stroke.

  3. Make this design on your skin with the liner pencil: Take a good time to make this design so that you want to see it. If you do not like it, then wash it out and make it again.

    You can make tattoos on any part of your body, but at a place where the hair is low it will be easy to make it. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before designing.

    Use cotton swabs to mix and shade the colours.

  4. Spray the design with hairspray: those chemicals that help keep your hair in place, help keep the tattoo in the same place for a few hours. It does not need to be completely immersed in it, take it a bit and put it in that place.
  5. Wash it out: These tattoos can be spread without spraying for about one day, when it starts spreading; it will be easily removed after washing the hot soapy water. You would like to remove it before going to bed because your liner can be damaged by the eyeliner.


  1. Stencil Tattoos

img srce: Authority Tattoo
  1. Make a Stencil: By making stencil you can also make tattoos that look like a professional, so you can control the design of your tattoo. You will not have to depend on your style of painting to design it. Think of whatever shape you want to make of tattoo, make it on an index card and cut this shape with a cutting knife or small scissors.

    This method is simple to make simple and bold shapes, see Diamond, round and other geometric shapes.

    To make a more detailed tattoo, you can make stencils on the finished image, find out more about this method for Graffiti stencil.

  2. Buy Permanent Marker: Buy one or other colour markers to use in the stencil. Art colour is a good option and it will be more likely to look like a tattoo of your tattoo. It is also good to use any other colour.

    Permanent markers contain chemicals that are not meant for use on the skin, so choose the marker on which it is written that it is safe for such an experiment.

    If you do not want to use Permanent Marker, you can also use the normal marker; just this will not allow your tattoo to last longer.

    Another type of ink that is used for printing can use it, to use this kind of ink for tattoo, dip a cotton ball in the ink
    and it is above the stencil and Use to apply ink on your skin.

  3. Put tattoos: Place the stencil on the opposite side of the body of the tattoo you want to make. Use one hand to hold it firmly against the skin, so that the cut shape remains constant. Use the other hand to shape the shape with the marker you choose. Once you have done your work, remove the stencil separately and let the marker’s ink dry.

    Before making it, make sure the place where you are wearing tattoos is clean and dry. Take out the shave of the place to apply it properly.

    If you are having trouble holding the stencil at the place, then try putting it on the place with the tape. Put tattoos on a part of your body which is level up.

  4. Remove the tattoo: When you want to remove your tattoo, you can remove the tattoo by dipping it in hot water, soap water or cotton pad in oil and scrub.

3. Paper Tattoo

paper Tattoo
img srce: Joyclair
  1. Buy water slide paper: Have you ever bought a tattoo from a quarter machine or toy store? These tempered tattoos are made on a water slide paper, made of a special type of paper that is adhesive from one side. The tattoo design is made of ink on the adhesive side.

    You can buy water slide papers online or at the stationery store.
  2. Create a tattoo design: When you use water slide paper, you have a lot of innumerable options; Any size is made of colour or pattern on the paper and looks good on your skin. Use them as Photoshop or similar computer programs that come with a tattoo design to create a photo.

    Determine whether you want tattoos black and white or colourful If you have a colour printer, you can put as many colours as you want in your design.

    Use a colour that looks good on your skin.

    When putting tattoos, keep this in mind that when you put tattoos on it, the opposite will be printed. This means that if there is a word in your tattoo, then they are reversed in the design so that after applying they cannot be seen directly or else they will look upside down.

  3. Print the tattoo:

    Put the water slide paper in your printer’s paper handler. Ensure that the paper is kept properly so that the photo adhesive is printed on the side and not on the matte side. When finished, cut the tattoo off the scissors.

  4. Apply tattoo: Keep the ink portion of the tattoo on your skin downwards. Cover it with a wet cloth or paper towel. Hold the fabric or wet towel and hold it in the same place for 30 seconds. Remove the fabric or paper towel and pull out the paper. With the process of wetting it will stick to your skin from the paper.
  5. Remove tattoos: This type of tattoo does not seem to be removed for a week or more until it starts extracting like peels. If you want to remove it before you leave it, then remove it from the soapy water and scrub brush.

4.Sharpie tattoos

Sharpie Tattoo
img srce: Youtube
  1. Buy any color purple: baby powder and hair spray.
  2. Make tattoos on your body: Use whatever design you like and place it wherever you can easily reach it.
  3. Put baby powder on tattoos.

  4. Apply a little hair spray on tattoos: Do not apply too much, otherwise, your skin will look very dry. If you have accidentally sprayed too much, take a cotton swab and wet the place near the tattoo with water.
  5. Enjoy your new tattoo: this tattoo will last for about a month.



After touching the hair spray, touch the design.

If you are using Sharpie, then this is a new reaction, so to find out, it is a little bit on the hidden part of the body to see it.

After making the Permanent Marker, put one or two layers of baby powder on it and then spraying it with hair spray will keep the tattoo longer.

Cover the tattoo with a liquid band-aid, this will keep it longer than the hair spray.

If you want tattoos to last longer, then make Henna tattoo.

If you apply the hair spray for the first time and after that, the Sharpie is spreading, then fix the portion divided in the nail polish remover and again apply baby powder before applying hair spray.


Be careful while using Sharpie. The chemicals present in the marker are not meant to be applied on the skin and can have dangerous effects. If you can use any other method, do it or else use a sharpie as little as possible.

Things you’ll need

Eyeliner tattoo

Eyeliner pencil

Hair spray

Stencil tattoo

Index card


Marker or ink pad

Paper tattoo

Water slide paper



Wet cloth

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